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High School Term Paper on Tablet Computing



High school student Daniel S. wrote a term paper about tablet computing for his honors humanities class. He asked the GottaBeMobile community to help with the paper, you provided some great info and I’m happy to report he earned an “A”!

Daniel was given an open-ended assignment to research something that pertains to the entire world. While some people wrote about subjects you’d expect to be discussed in humanities (music, Shakesepeare, etc.), he took the initiative to write about Tablet PCs.

He wrote to GBM:

I chose tablet pcs because I was recently hearing and reading about their multi-industry impact over the past few years. So I chose the topic, and went to work. As Rob mentioned, I did ask him for some help, and he suggested posting the questions to the readers. I would like to think all who responded and took the time to answer them. The information I got from those questions were great firsthand accounts and quotes that I used throughout the paper. I ended up thoroughly enjoying writing it, quite a rarity; even got a very rewarding 94% when I got it back.

He’s using a Gateway C142XL, for school work and plans to study because he needs a large display
He plans on studying computer programming when he goes to college in a couple of years.

Daniel sent us a copy of his term paper, which you can find below:

Tablet Term Paper

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