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CES 2015

High-Tech Rifle Features Precision Guided Shots up to 1 Mile, Live Streaming



TrackingPoint introduced a new high-tech rifle at Showstoppers, an event held during CES 2015, that can assist shooters to hit moving targets up to a mile away with little training. The 338 TrackingPoint “Mile Marker” rifle can stream live video to mobile devices and Recon smart glasses.

Last year TrackingPoint announced an AR rifle that could hit targets at up to 500 yards without any practice. This new rifle more than triples that range and can lockonto targets moving at up to 30 MPH. A TrackingPoint representative told us the new weapon will sell for $50,000.

DSC07914Shooting targets at long-range no longer has to be a solitary endeavor. Targeting data and whatever you see through the scope can be streamed to a smartphone or iPad anywhere in the globe. TrackingPoint reps told us that the primary use-case for this is training, but it could also be used in tactical situations.


As you can see in the above photo, the ShotView app shows where the shooter is aiming, what’s been tagged as a target and information about the environment. All of that data and more is used by the weapon to automatically adjust the shot so the shooter doesn’t have to make complex calculations and adjustments.

DSC07903 TrackingPoint was also showing off its integration with Recon, a smart glasses system. The scope’s view can be streamed to the glasses, allowing shooters to shoot from safer positions, such as around corners. The glasses can also be used as a training mechanism, allowing the instructor to see exactly what the student is looking at through the scope.

The above video gives an overview of how TrackingPoint rifles work.

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