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Ho, Ho, Ho! It Is Christmas Time at!



I get more gadgets and stuff than I can shake a stick at, and frankly, I’m getting run out of my office with it all. So, I’m going to pass them on to you – the GBM reader. I love all of this stuff, but I figured it would be best to spread the love around.

Here is the loot:

  • 1 HP TC1100 Tablet PC + Docking Station + rubber flap.
  • 1 Samsung Q1P Ultra-Mobile PC with extended battery and organizer case
  • 1 Portable Powerstation
  • 1 HTC Tilt – unlocked
  • 1 HTC Advantage – unlocked
  • 1 Vista Ultimate
  • 1 Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag
  • 1 Limited Edition Microsoft Surface Bag
  • 10 Bluebeam PDF Shirts
  • 3 Lenovo 2 GB USB drives
  • 5 HP shirts
  • 1 limited edition shirt
  • 1 coffee mug
  • 1 2007 Streets and Trips
  • 1 2006 Streets and Trips
  • 1 Planon Universal Mobile Charger
  • 1 Linksys 8-port workgroup switch
  • 1 iPod Shuffle
  • 1 Red Zune (4 or 8 GB – I forget which one it is)
  • 1 Black Zune (30 GB)
  • 1 Lenovo portable mouse
  • 1 Lenovo portable power kit
  • 1 Labtec PC Mic
  • 1 Neat Receipts folio
  • 2 TabletKiosk stands
  • 2 Shwame cleaning cloths
  • 1 Kensington lock cable
  • 1 Otterbox waterproof cellphone case
  • 1 Lapworks Laptop / Tablet PC stand
  • 1 Sony Portable CD DVD/RW Drive
  • 1 Windows Vista USB file transfer cable
  • 1 DocuPen scanner
  • 1 Dazzle USB multi-card reader
  • 1 BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth headset
  • 1 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
  • 1 autographed picture of Warner Crocker
  • Some Splotches
  • 1 Linksys Portable Wireless Router
  • 1 $50 Gift card

All winners will also get a mix of Motion Computing sticky pads, Microsoft Origami pins, TechSmith pens, and other assorted goodies. Some of the prizes above are used to some extent or another.

How can you win? Well, on any given day we’ll be giving away one of the above prizes. It might be the Red Zune one day, the TC1100 two days later, or a TabletKiosk stand and a gift card all on the same day – you won’t know what is being given away until the deed is done! The key to winning is to 1) be active on the GBM site with some good comments on our posts, or 2) be actively discussing topics / helping users in our forums, or 3) be active by spreading the GBM link love around by posting about GBM on your site, your blog, in a video, in a podcast, in other forums you participate in, Twitter links, etc – point to the work we are doing and let others know. We’ll be watching and will pick someone from amongst the people active for that particular day. We’ll do this until all of the above prizes are given away. This is open to U.S. and International readers.

The gift giving starts today, so get cracking!

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