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Holiday Computer Cleaning



I noticed this morning that Sumocat is taking time on his day off for the Columbus Day holiday to do a few errands and do some Tablet PC cleaning. He’s going to remove the dust from behind the screen of his Tablet PC. (He’s got pictures of the process posted here.) I frequently take holidays and the rare day off to do the same kind of “house cleaning” on my mobile devices. I’ll do a defrag, re-image and backup, throw out the clutter, clean the cases and the screens, and basically try to get my mobile devices back in order. I’ve got a day off coming next Monday after we open our next show, Shadow of the Raven: Stories of Edgar Allan Poe, and I’m betting a big part of the day will be doing just that.

How about you? Do you find yourself using time on your day(s) off doing some cleanup?


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