House of Cards: Frank's New App Hits the Top of the Charts
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House of Cards: Frank’s New App Hits the Top of the Charts



Everyday millions of workers look to their iPhone and iPad for entertainment. More specifically they’re looking for a short, but delightful iPhone game to take the edge off of a rough day. After being featured on the hit Netflix series House of Cards, $3.99 iTunes app Monument Valley is quickly becoming a staple of the genre.

iPhone and iPad owners are downloading Monument Valley in droves this week, following its début in the new season of House of Cards. Series protagonist, Frank Underwood – now the President of the United States – is seeing winding down from a long day of running the country with Monument Valley in this seasons fifth episode. Underwood has a long history of playing games to relax. In previous episodes he’s seen lusting after Sony’s PlayStation Portable and shooting bad guys on his PlayStation 3 in Killzone.



Part of the reason Monument Valley has become so popular is it’s art design. Even in House of Cards users can see the unique style of the game world. Monument Valley players take on the role of Princess Ida. Ida explores tons of different areas all inspired by M.C. Escher paintings. Monument Valley makes for a decent calming game because it’s easy to jump into and out of. There’s no real action, instead its just puzzle after unique looking puzzle.

It’s the job of players to help Princess Ida make it through every unique landmark and monument. As Ida progresses through the game she picks up new skills to better help her navigate the different areas. Users can twist and alter different things in the game world to make it easier for Ida to make it to the next level. All of this progress is handled elegantly and easily. It’s a stark contrast to quick pay-to-win games like Angry Birds Go and a lot more calming tan a typical action game like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

Monument Valley isn’t just a great way for iPhone and iPad Users to relax. Monument Valley is also available in the Android App Store for $3.99 and the Kindle Fire App Store for $3.99. The entire third season of House of Cards is available on Netflix to stream. A subscription to the service costs $7.99 a month.


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