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How a Tablet (not a pill, the PC kind) helped a patient through a tough time at a hospital



RedcrossI had this story passed to me last night by someone who chooses to be kept anonymous for privacy reasons, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Imagine being at a hospital needing care.  Now imagine that you can’t communicate with the staff who are most willing to help you with your problem.  You cannot communicate with them, because you are deaf.  Maybe paper notes is the answer, but for some reason, you cannot put pen to paper in this environment.

Our samaritan was asked to come and help by bringing a Tablet PC (in this case a Motion M1400) to a staff member and demonstrate how to use it, so that the medical staff could show the patient how to use it.  The person shown took it to a caregiver and passed on the info, and the caregiver took the tablet to the patient. Here is what happened:

At first the patient was very unsure about it had difficulty trying to use it.  The caregiver wrote her a few messages and showed her how to use it, and she started writing back.  She spent about 20 minutes up there with her, writing back and forth while apologizing for not being able to have an interpreter with her all day today.  Everyone they knew were either booked already or out of town but someone was supposed to come that afternoon.  She explained that she was an interpreter, too, and know an interpreter is the ideal situation and how frustrating it can be to have a communication gap.  She thanked her for doing her best to try to help her…She ended up keeping the tablet.  The caregiver instructed staff on how to use it, too.

The response from all involved was wonderful.  Although they recognized that a Tablet PC may not always be the answer in this type of situation, it certainly was in this case.  It also demonstrated a sincere desire to serve the patient in a manner that showed they were cared for, as an individual.

I thought this was a great story.

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