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How about an E-Book Reader with a Wacom Digitizer



iRex iLiad Not that I’m trying to one-up Warner or anything, but I just received a sample of an iRex iLiad e-book reader with an integrated Wacom digitizer.

Although the iRex iLiad is not a new product, given the recent reviews of the Amazon Kindle and the video we did with the Kindle and the Sony Reader PRS-500, it seemed appropriate to look at the only real pen-based solution on the market. After all, inking is the way to go! :-)

I’ll be doing a full InkShow on the iLiad in the next couple of weeks, but to whet your appetite:

  • Best screen visibility –  by FAR, over the Sony Reader or the Kindle. Totally subjective, but wow.
  • Larger screen – 8.1″ diagonal vs. 6″ diagonal
  • Digitizer – allows both book annotations as well as free-form note taking on blank sheets of e-paper
  • Sudoku – ‘Nuf said.
  • WiFi – I connected to my WPA encrypted access point at home in just a couple of minutes. Transfer files, etc. Although the reader doesn’t officially support web browsing, there are solutions for that available on the web (like enabling the browser that actually ships in the system but hidden/disabled).
  • File formats supported : PDF / HTML / TXT / JPG / BMP/ PNG / PRC (Mobipocket)
  • You can read the full set of product specifications on the iLiad website.

Before you ask, yes, all of this goodness comes at a hefty price. The official US sales portal is eReader Outfitters who list the iLiad at $699. Yes, for that same $699 I could buy a decent laptop. But for those people who really want a portable note-taking solution, this could be an interesting slate. I plan on checking this out as more than just an e-book reader so that I can see how far into the slate computer category this can stretch.

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