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How AT&T is helping Apple with the iPhone



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Everyone loves the iPhone.  It is the “Jesus” phone.  To quote my goddaughter, “its the coolest phone ever!”  What everyone doesnt like about the iPhone is AT&T.  There have been more complains, articles, rants, etc about the AT&T wireless network and how the iPhone “saturates” the network.  Its that saturation that causes all the call disconnects, poor service, and other issues.  Well, according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, AT&T is trying to fix their network so iPhone users are happy once again….and dont switch networks to Verizon, or whomever is going to get the iPhone after AT&T’s exclusive contract is up.

So what is AT&T doing?  Well, first they went to Apple HQ to give the Apple engineers a “crash course” in wireless networking on their network.  This was to help Apple figure out a better way for the iPhone to find the closest cell tower and send/receive text messages.  Next, AT&T, as part of their new 100-day network improvement plan, has added a new network spectrum to help with traffic handling and adjusted some of the antennas to help with reception.

What else are they doing?  We can only guess right now.  With the iPad launch only days away, who knows what else AT&T is going to do with their network. Luckily, only the WiFi version of the iPad is available right now.  Imagine if the 3G option was ready.  Can we say AT&T would be OVERsaturated?  Can we say ETFs for all AT&T users since they wont be able to make a call or get a text?

Lets see if AT&Ts 100-day improvement plan with save them from these possibilities.  Or else, its on to a new carrier?  Verizon maybe?  Or Sprint with 4G?

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