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How College Students Use Smartphones [Infographic]



If you aren’t aware, college students use their cell phones for about everything.

Anecdotally, it is a challenge to get them to stop texting for an entire class, but if you want some statistics to back up the smartphone usage habits of college students, you need to check out the infographic below.

You’ll find out more about how “Generation Mobile” uses their phones than you probably ever wanted to know.

As far as using their phones in class, at least 25% of students use their phones every class, and only 14% say they never use their phone during class.

Parents are paying for most of the bills, with only 25% of students paying their own phone, data and texting charges. Just like many of us who frequent GottaBeMobile, a majority of students want the next best phone, such as the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

A surprising 43% of college students surveyed still use feature phones, but when it comes to picking a side, Android and iPhone are essentially tied for top usage among students.

How Student Use Smartphones Infographic

Created by: HackCollege

Unsurprising is the fact that nearly a quarter of students have used their phones to look up porn or have participated in sexting. 50% of students surveyed have snooped on their friend’s or significant other’s text messages. On the upside, 40% of students use their phone to do some last-minute studying.

If you are a part of “Generation Mobile” is this how you use your phone? What are your favorite apps and activities on your smartphone?

Also, if you have a feature phone, why do you choose not to have a smartphone? Do you use an iPod Touch or a tablet as part of your mobile gear?



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