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How Do You Use Your Tablet PC?



I was talking with a Tablet PC ISV today and they are very interested in learning more about how people are using their tablet pc and in particular, the tablet pc specific features: navigating with a pen, taking ink notes, form filling, ink to text recognition, speech recognition, etc. Here are some questions to get your thought process going.

  • Are you using the tablet pc mostly as a note-taking device? If so, what applications are you using for note-taking?
  • Do you use it to fill in forms ( ie Forms2Base, Active Ink Software, etc ). If so, is it a primary use of your tablet pc?
  • How much do you use speech recognition?
  • Are most of your notes or form filling text based or ink based?
  • Do you leave your notes as ink or do you convert them to text?
  • Do you navigate much with the pen? Is this a primary use of the tablet pc functionality?
  • Is your tablet pc mostly a media serving device? If so, how?
  • Is your tablet pc primarily used for personal or business?
  • Are you a student, business professional, or neither?

Basically, they’d love to get a snap shot of the community and how people use their tablet pcs on a day-to-day basis. Any comments you leave would be most appreciated.

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