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How Green is the iPhone? [Infographic]



The same people at Geekaphone who brought you the interesting infographic about the iPhone camera which we posted have a new infographic about the environmental friendliness of the iPhone. Earth Day may be over, but you might still want to know if your iPhone is a “green” device. The infographic below promises to show you. The full infographic is at the end.

The list of sources for the infographic can be found on the post from Geekaphone in the comments below the graphic. Depending on the accuracy of their information, the iPhone contributes to the production of about 2,350 kg of CO2. Some other tidbits of information in the infographic are listed below:

  • All the power require to charge every iPhone sold last year could provide enough electricity t0 power a light bulb for 357 years
  • iPhone packaging saves 14% in fuel consumption for transportation compared to the iPhone 3G
  • Less than 10% of all phones are recycled, which means that
  • 42.3M iPhones sold in 2010 will or have been thrown away
  • Only 4.7M iPhones sold last year will be or have been recycled
  • The iPhone power adapter exceeds global energy efficiency standards

As you can see from the graphic the iPhone is both more green and less green at the same time. It contributes a lot to CO2 emissions, but it also helps preserve them with its packaging and better than standard power adapter. It would be interesting to learn what the same facts are for other very popular cell phones in order to compare. At least we know Apple is attempting to be more green than it might be if they didn’t have environmental friendliness as a priority.

Howgreen is your iPhone infographic

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ranfirefly

    04/28/2011 at 1:16 am

    That’s great.
    If you like to easily create your Green infographic, check this out:

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