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How I Use the iPad to Consume, Create and Teach



My iPad is my go to devices for numerous activities. Looking back just two years ago it’s amazing how much time I spent in front of the computer and how much paper I had to print now that I can access about anything I need on the iPad.

Essentially I am using my iPad to consume just like the We’ll Always iPad commercial, to create on a limited basis, and to teach at a college level without printing loads of notes.


When it comes to consuming content my iPad is at the center of my digital life. The Zite app delivers news that interest me from topics I pick and from Google Reader. Zite is like Pandora for news, learning from what you like and finding more content you might be interested in. I also use my iPad to read Kindle ebooks without the need for a light on in the bedroom while I finish a novel late at night. I love that my books keep in sync on my Android smartphone. Now that my print Wired subscription gets me access to the iPad app at no extra cost I have been reading more articles in Wired than I had in print.

Consuming on the iPad

One way to consumer on the iPad.

I also watch a lot of video on the iPad. I primarily use the TW Cable app to watch TV in bed or in the kitchen though Netflix gets a decent amount of use as well. Hulu Plus is nice if you have enough content, but I recently dropped my subscription because too many shows aren’t available on the iPad.

I also use the iPad to show off photos to friends and family. The Eye Fi Center lets me pull in shots from my DSLR or point and shoot easily and the Google+ app lets me share my smartphone shots on the bigger screen in seconds.


The iPad is also a nice tool when it comes to creating content on the go or in a more comfortable position. I regularly use Pages to compose articles for GottaBeMobile and while I am laying down in bed at night. The on screen keyboard allows me to type without waking up my wife and the new split screen keyboard which will be standard this fall in iOS 5 allows me to hold the iPad while I type for longer periods. If I need to reference a webpage while I type, the side by side PaperHelper let’s me type on half the screen and look at a webpage on the other.

I also routinely use my iPad to take notes with the Bamboo Paper or NoteTaker HD apps which let me write on the screen quite easily. When I don’t want to forget a note, an article or anything else I have on my iPad I add it to the Evernote app so that I can access it on any device.


I also use my iPad to teach during the school year. You can read all about how I use the iPad in the classroom, and check out the video below to learn more. The iPad has helped me cut prep time, look up content instantly in class and save loads of time printing notes for lectures.



  1. Keith Bourne

    09/02/2011 at 12:20 am

    Have you tried MemClip for the iPad?  It works with Evernote and lets you do the same kind of clipping you can do on the desktop.  Should be great for school/research activities.

  2. Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo

    09/07/2011 at 6:46 pm

    Hello Josh,
    my name is Juan and I’m an independent developer or iOS. I have created an app that might be of your interest. It’s name is Board Cam and is an app for iPad 2 only that allows to use the device as an interactive document camera.With Board Cam and the iPad 2 video mirroring capabilities you can show on the screen live videos or images imported from the device’s photo library and interact with the image using pointers, labels and drawing on it.For more information, please visit the app website at or the iTunes app page:

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