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How Location Aware Are Your Mobile Devices?



Or do you want/need them to be? In his voluminous coverage of the Nokia N810, Thoughtfix has raised the question about the included GPS on that device and what that might mean for applications that take advantage of being Location Aware.

Cell phones with embedded GPS can provide Location Aware tracking that, among other uses, can allow parents to know where their children are (or at least where their children’s cell phone might be.) In an article in the New York Times, discussing the trend towards Location Aware applciations and devices among the younger set, the company Loopt is highlighted. The founder relates this ephiphany moment:

“Two hundred students all pulled out their cellphones, called someone and said, ‘Where are you?’ ” he said. “People want to connect.”

The article goes on to talk about the double-sided coin of location awareness. While it might make it easier to keep from being lost, but it can also make it easier to hide.

As we head into the era of Mobile Internet Devices I’m sure we’ll see devices equipped with GPS, so it makes me curious to know what our readers think about the pros and cons about Location Aware devices and applications. I know there are times where I wouldn’t want my whereabouts known at any given moment, but there are times where it could prove useful. Sound off in the comments, and you don’t have to let us know where you are to do so.

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