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How Much Does it Cost to Use All Your Tech Toys?



Larry Magid, tech columnist at, has a post analyzing how much it now costs to use our favorite gadgets.  With so many different devices, there is a lot of overlap with purpose and functionality.  I use my iTouch for listening to music, mobile web browsing, and calendar, but I need my laptop for heavier tasks.  I enjoy my cell phone, but I’m a cheapo and don’t pay for any mobile browsing service.  With no Wi-Fi on my phone I have to carry around my iTouch.  I’m finding that one of my devices will do three or four things really well, but another device still has a spot because it does something that my other tech toys can’t.  I like being prepared, but that means I’m always carrying around a big bag of expensive tech junk.  If I’m well equipped, I rely on at least three different devices.

Will we ever reach a time when one device does it all?

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