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How Much Is my iPhone 6 Worth?



If you’re wanting to sell your iPhone 6, here’s how you can determine how much it’s worth in order to get a fair price.

While the iPhone 6 is still a new device, many users who bought one may be having second thoughts. Either they don’t like the large size of the iPhone 6 or maybe iOS just isn’t for them. If this is you and you’re wanting to sell your iPhone 6, now is a good time to do so before iPhone 6s rumors continue to pick up as we head into summer.

We’ve talked about how to sell an old iPhone, providing tips and places where you could sell it. However, all that is useless without knowing how much your iPhone is worth in the first place. The price at which you can sell it at completely depends on the storage capacity and condition of your iPhone 6, so prices fluctuate to say the least.

If you’re wanting to sell your old iPhone, but have no idea what price to sell it for, here are some tips on how to find out what your iPhone 6 is worth so that you get a fair price for it, and more importantly, so that you don’t get ripped off.

How to Find Out How Much Your iPhone 6 Is Worth

If you’re not sure how much your iPhone 6 is worth, then it’s a good idea to do some research, and I’ll show you a sure-fire way to find out the value of your iPhone 6 within just a couple of minutes and see what a fair price for your iPhone 6 is.


One thing to keep in mind is that a fair price for an iPhone 6 is completely dependent on what buyers are willing to pay for an iPhone 6. So if great-condition 16GB iPhone 6 models are selling for $500 on the used marketplace, then you’re not going to be able to get $600 for it, plain and simple.

With that said, the quickest way to see what your used iPhone 6 is worth is to log on to eBay and see how much iPhone 6 models have been selling for. Here’s how to do it.


First off, go to and type in iPhone 6 in the search bar at the top. The next page will display tons of listings for iPhone 6 models up for sale. To narrow down the models to your specific model that you have and want to sell, go to the left-hand sidebar and simply filter by your specific iPhone 6 model. So if you have a 16GB Verizon iPhone 6, be sure to narrow it down to just show that specific iPhone 6 model.


You’ll eventually see listings cut down to your specific iPhone 6 model, but there’s one last step.

Go back to sidebar and scroll down until you see an option called Sold Listings. Place a checkmark next to this option, as this will only display listings that have a completed sale.


Now, you’ll only see iPhone 6 listings that show your specific iPhone 6 model that were successfully sold to a buyer. Simply scan these listings to get an idea of how much your iPhone 6 is worth. Be sure to factor in the condition of your device as well, since a cracked screen or other damage will severely drop the value.

Sell Right Now

If you’re wanting to sell your iPhone 6 for whatever reason, it’s best to do it as soon as possible, because once September gets closer and closer, hype for the iPhone 6s will continue to pick up, and buyers won’t be looking at the iPhone 6 anymore, but rather the iPhone 6s.

Furthermore, once the iPhone 6s releases to the public, the value of the iPhone 6 will drop like a rock, so it’s better to sell now before the iPhone 6s hype arrives if you’re wanting to sell your iPhone 6 and get something else instead.

iPhone-6 copy

Of course, if you want to sell your iPhone the easy way, there are many trade-in programs that you can take advantage of that will give you quick cash for an iPhone. For instance, Gazelle will give you $350 for a 16GB Verizon iPhone 6 in “good” condition. That’s obviously not as much as you could get selling it yourself, but you sacrifice cash in favor of convenience if you choose to go this route.

The iPhone 6s probably won’t be a huge upgrade over the iPhone 6, but it will certainly come with a handful of new features that will entice many buyers to wait for the new phone rather than buy an iPhone 6. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as consumers love having the latest and greatest even if it means waiting a bit, but once the iPhone 6s gets nearer, the market for the iPhone 6 will most likely die down.

With that said, if you have an iPhone 6, but are wanting to get rid of it, it’s a good idea to do that sooner rather than later, as you may not get as much cash for it if you wait a few months to sell it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Larry

    06/15/2015 at 2:55 pm

    Just sold my 128 gb on eBay for 800 bucks don’t fall for the trade in for only 200 eBay sell it look it up you will see you will get a lot more than gazelle they work with Apple

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