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How Often Do You Buy New?



It can be difficult keeping up with the latest, big thing in the world of tech.  If you’re one who keeps track of tech blogs religiously, you know what a hassle it can be to catch up if you miss a few days.  New technology hits the market faster than bloggers are able to keep up.  Although it’s a lot of fun to learn about new products that splash into the market, how many people actually purchase new technology when it is released?  Here are a few advantages in waiting to buy the hottest gadgets:

  • Buying a product six months after it is released usually provides enough time for major bugs to be discovered and a remedy to be issued.  Technology is often rushed to the market and may not be as complete as the manufacturer would like.  A six-month time span allows early adopters to get their hands on the hottest thing and test it out for you.
  • A six month time span often allows for some type of price drop.  You might not be able to purchase the newest model on the block, but you can save a few pennies any time there has been a product upgrade.  Unless there has been a major redesign, most product line upgrades are cosmetic or nominal.  It is important to fully read and compare any changes or upgrades that occur as occasionally there may be a big fix.  However, most of the time you’ll be getting basically the same thing.
  • Six months allows bloggers to fully rip apart every angle of whatever gadget your heart desires.  It will be unboxed, taken apart, demonstrated, used, and abused so that you don’t have to rebox it and return it because it doesn’t meet your needs.  By the time a gadget has been on the market six months, professional review sites have had time to collect battery life information and benchmark tests.  It pays to slow down and do your research before buying something new.
  • Waiting six months can also cool your desire.  I can get caught in the tech hype when a new product is released to the market.  I read about how it is so much faster, better, and cooler looking, but most of the time my current setup does exactly what the new product does.  If I wait a few months, I stop rationalizing how I need something new, and I realize what I already have works just fine.

Next time you think about buying something as soon as it is released, think about these tips.  It could save you a few bucks and a big headache.  It might not be cool to wait, but it’s ultimately the wise move.  Hit up the comments and let us know how often you buy something new.

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