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How Siri Would Really Respond to Martin Scorsese



Apple loves to tout Siri in its recent iPhone 4S ads, but the service always seem just a little too good for the actors in the commercials. An edited version of the recent Martin Scorsese ad shows us how Siri would actually respond to the famous director’s inquiries.

The video comes from App Judgement. It shows Siri not understanding Scorsese’s questions or just completely misinterpreting them. The result might be a more common scenario for many iPhone 4S owners who find Siri more frustrating than useful.

While we can’t say that we’d ever expect Siri to do a search for “jorts”or flat out deny requests, the over-exaggeration might ring true with some users. The video will especially please the users who filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over its Siri ads. The lawsuit claims that Siri doesn’t work as well in person as it does in Apple’s ads, just like this video shows.

While we initially laughed at the absurdity of the video above, we tested the questions that Scorsese asks in the ad and received largely the same responses. The only command we didn’t get a response for was “where is Rick,” but that’s mostly because we don’t know anybody named Rick.

We still contend that ending the ad with an AT&T logo is the only absurdity in the Scorsese ad in particular. It doesn’t matter what questions you ask Siri, if you’re trying to get a response in downtown Manhattan on AT&T you’ll likely receive no response. Even with AT&T’s plan to reroute 2G bandwidth to its 3G and “4G” networks in New York City.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chris Wilkerson, DC

    08/06/2012 at 6:29 am

    I’ve noticed that with any Speech to Text product, it is all about the connection and the server.
    Sometimes it works just great even perfect. Other times, even with the same input, there is total failure.

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