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How to Access Galaxy S4 Notification Toggles Fast



The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a plethora of features and thanks to a handy shortcut users can check and change almost any Galaxy S4 setting in seconds.

Rather than cycle through settings and dig deep into the settings menu, the new TouchWiz 2.0 skin on Android features a two finger pull down that lets users see toggles for nearly 20 features.

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From this screen users can turn settings on and off to save battery life and dive deeper into settings to change how the Samsung Galaxy S4 behaves.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Fast Access to Notification Toggles

With this simple trick you can see 19 notification toggles on the Samsung Galaxy S4. From here you can turn off features that use too much battery life and change the popular motion and gesture based features. This is also a fast way to turn Block mode on to block calls and notifications.

Instead of pulling down the notification drawer with one finger, pull down with two. This will show all notification toggles instantly, even if you have open notification alerts.



From here, a single tap will toggle the setting on or off. Users who need to do more can hold on any of the items to jump directly to the setting page for that Galaxy S4 feature.

We commonly use this to change the following settings on the Samsung Galaxy S4;

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Vibration
  • Blocking Mode
  • Power Saving
  • Multi-Window Mode
  • S Beam
  • Air View
  • NFC
  • Air Gesture
  • Driving Mode
  • Smart Stay
  • Smart Scroll
  • Airplane Mode

This is much more convenient than searching through the many settings pages and menus, especially for users who need to change settings on a regular basis.

For more on how to use each of the Samsung Galaxy S4 features check out our rundown of the many Galaxy S4 features.

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