How to Add 3D Touch to Cydia in iOS 9
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How to Add 3D Touch to Cydia in iOS 9



3D Touch is a new feature that was introduced on the iPhone 6s. Here’s how to get 3D Touch working with the Cydia app on a jailbroken iPhone.

The iPhone 6s was released back in September, and while it kept the same overall design as the iPhone 6, it comes with a handful of new features that you can’t see by just looking at the new device. The iPhone 6s has a better camera that can record 4K video, as well as take Live Photos, which are essentially animated GIFs of sorts.

The new iPhone also has a new display technology called 3D Touch, which gives you alternative options when you press down harder on the screen. So for instance, you can tap on an app icon to open up the app, you can press down harder to bring up some useful shortcuts for that specific app.

There are also other 3D Touch features that allow you to “Peek” into various links and such without actually opening them up.

While not every iOS app comes with support for 3D Touch, it’s still a useful feature that users can take full advantage of. However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can more 3D Touch to more apps, including Cydia.

Here’s how to add 3D Touch to Cydia in iOS 9.

Adding 3D Touch to Cydia

3D Touch will only work for apps that have been specifically updated to support the new feature. However, many popular apps support 3D Touch, with more coming each and every week, but one app that will probably never officially support the feature is Cydia, which is the jailbreak app store that’s installed on every jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It’s possible it could come eventually, but probably not anytime soon.


However, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak that you can download from Cydia, you can add unofficial 3D Touch support to Cydia very easily.

The jailbreak tweak is called Tactful, and it adds Quick Actions and Peek to Cydia. Before you install it, though, you’ll need an iPhone 6s or at least a jailbreak tweak that enables 3D Touch functionality on older iPhones, like Reveal Menu or Forcy.

After you install one of those tweaks, you can now install Tactful. It’s a free tweak available in Cydia.

Once you install it, there are no settings to configure and it will begin working right away. Simply just 3D Touch the Cydia app icon and watch as Quick Actions come up on the screen. You’ll have four options to choose from with Quick Actions for Cydia: Search Cydia, Recent Installations, Add Repo, and Refresh Repos.


Along with 3D Touch Quick Actions, you can also “Peek” into tweaks in Cydia without actually opening them fully, and swipe up to either uninstall (“Remove”) or install a tweak. On an iPhone 6s, you can press deeper to fully open the tweak’s page.


However, the 3D Touch Quick Actions are probably the most useful feature you’ll get, since you can quickly add a repo from the Quick Actions menu and save yourself a few clicks. I end up using “Search Cydia” a lot, and while it only saves me a microscopic amount of time, it adds up over time the more I use it. Plus, I usually go to the Search tab anyway when I’m opening up Cydia, so might as well save a couple of steps.

Another jailbreak tweak you can download from Cydia is called Shortcuts, which adds unofficial 3D Touch capabilities to other apps that don’t officially support it, like Weather and Stocks, but if you’re looking for a tweak for Cydia, Tactful is the way to go.

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