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How to Add a Second Gmail Account to Android



Adding a second Gmail or Google account to your Android smartphone or tablet is something many will probably need to do for personal reasons, business, or just to handle multiple accounts. The entire process is extremely easy, but may not be visible and easy to find for some users at first glance.

When you first receive a brand new Android device Google prompts you to sign-in to your account during the initial setup process, but that’s all. We’ve found that lately more and more users are asking about adding a second Gmail account (Google) to their Android device, and it’s rather easy but some are hitting the wrong button in settings.

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Whether you want to add a second Gmail to your Android device for work, a family member, or an account for the kids to game on, the task is extremely easy. It only takes a minute and a couple of taps in the settings menu, and you’re all done. We’ll also go over unchecking all the “sync” options on this new account, so it only delivers what you want.


The entire process takes about 30 seconds to complete and will sync your emails, contacts, photos, app data and more, as long as you’d like it to. Of course once you add a second Gmail account to your Android device you can disable anything you don’t want to sync, so lets get started.

For our quick how to guide below we’re using Android 5.0 Lollipop, but the steps and settings required are essentially the same on most Android devices, as well as on Android 4.4 KitKat.


You’ll start by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped settings icon to head into your settings menu. That or open the app drawer and find the settings icon. Once in settings simply scroll down to “Accounts” and select it.


In the Accounts section you’ll see all the accounts tied to your smartphone or tablet. These are Google accounts for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and many other accounts that users have on their devices. By default most new users think to tap on “Google” in the accounts page, to add another Google account, but instead this simply takes you to your current Google or Gmail account that’s already on the device.

It’s right in your face, but often times missed by new users. At the very bottom of the “accounts” settings menu is an area to “Add account” and there’s probably a + sign as well. Tap here, and get started. Once you’ve tapped the Add Account button, now you select Google to add a new Google or Gmail account. See the image below.


From here you’ll now be in the proper area to add a second Gmail account to your Android smartphone or tablet. Just enter in your Google account information, sign in, and you’re all done.

However, if this second account is only for gaming, kids, or a business account and you don’t want everything to sync to your device. Head back to settings > accounts > and tap Google (not the add new account button) and this is where you’ll see both accounts on your device. From here simply check or uncheck anything you do or don’t want to sync to your device. This can range from emails, contacts, calendar, games, photos, music and more.

If all you want is contacts simply uncheck everything but contacts, hit sync, and you’re all done. Make sure your phone dialer app is drawing contacts from both accounts, and you should be all set. Enjoy!



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