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How to add Ink to a Silverlight web app



As a web developer, all of this Silverlight news coming out of Mix07 is like a dream come true. Being able to code up apps in .net, utilizing a single set of skill sets and deliver rich media couldn’t hit closer to home for me. I’ve been working on some flash based database driven apps for awhile that need to be migrated, and what a prime opportunity!

Well, what gets even better for the Tablet PC space is the natural built-in ink integration that becomes available on the web now. Inking forms, marking up video, marking up pictures all on the web is now a lot closer to reality.

If you are developer interested in learning more about Silverlight and adding ink to your Silverlight web app, checkout this video from Channel 9 – there is also source code available.

Along with that video, here is some more information:

and everything else on getting started developing silverlight apps.


Via Gavin Gear

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