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How to Add Quotes to Instagram Photos



This guide will show you the easiest way to add quotes to Instagram photos. Adding a funny or inspirational quote to your Instagram photos is an easy way to get more likes and more Instagram followers.

There is no need to use a computer to make a Instagram photo with quotes, and if you don’t need fancy options you don’t even need to pay for an app to do it.

Instagram for iPhone and Android offers a lot of options to tweak the overall look of your photos, but there is no built-in tool to add text to a photo.

Here is a fast look at how to add quotes to an Instagram photo using Instaquote.

Here's a quick guide on adding quotes to Instagram photos.

Here’s a quick guide on adding quotes to Instagram photos.

The first thing you need to do is download Instaquote. This is a free app for iPhone and Android, but it does offer in app purchases to unlock all the features and more backgrounds.

After you download Instaquote for your phone you can tap on the app to get started. You will need Instagram installed on your phone to make this work since the app will basically hand off your photo to the Instagram app. This way you don’t need to enter any password info into the Instaquote app.

You can add a quote to many built-in backgrounds or to your own photo. By default there are not a lot of backgrounds, but you can unlock Pro and more backgrounds for $3.99. This also removes watermarks from your photos and adds more font choices. While not required it is a good buy for frequent users.

Double tap on the text box to enter the quote and who said it. If you don’t need to add the person you can just past or type in your quote.

Change options and blur the background if you need.

Change options and blur the background if you need.

Next slide through the options at the bottom to pick a theme that is built-in to Instaquote or continue on the bottom row of icons to customize your text, photo and more.

Tap on the aA icon to change the size of your text and spacing. You can also pick new font at this point. If you need more fonts you will need to upgrade with an in-app purchase. Next tap on the bucket icon to change the color of your text. You can then tap on each word to change that color.

If you don’t want to use the built-in theme background you can tap on the photos icon to take a photo, select a photo or use one of the included backgrounds. Some quotes work best on a simple background, but you can always add it to a photo you take and then blur the photo so that the text is easier to read. This is the best way to put text on an otherwise busy background.

Finish up and share your Instagram quote photo.

Finish up and share your Instagram quote photo.

Use the same blur tool to change the brightness, contrast and hue of your photo. These are similar to the Instagram options, but this allows you to adjust the photo without changing the text as well. Any edits you make in Instagram will also change the look of your text.

When you are done editing your photo and positioning the text where you want, tap on the Q icon at the bottom to send it to Instagram. You may see other options like saving it to the gallery and sharing with other services, but if you tap on Instagram it will send you right to the app so you can share it with a few more taps.



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