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How to Attack with Dragons in Clash of Clans



Clash of Clans is arguably one of the most popular and most successful mobile games over the past 2-3 years. In fact, it has over 100 million players on both Android and iOS. In this quick guide today we’ll be explaining how to attack with Dragons, successfully, in Clash of Clans.

Clashers know there are many different ways to attack a base, and the setup or troop layout always varies based on who you’re attacking, especially if it’s in Clan Wars. With the huge update that arrived over the summer, Supercell added level 5 Dragons to Clash. This was huge, and now that they’re super strong players are using them again, but aren’t doing it right.

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We constantly get asked questions about Clash of Clans. From what’s coming next in future updates, to how to 3-star a TH10. And while we can’t answer all of those questions, and 3-star attacks are hard against any quality TH10, we can teach you how to better attack with Dragons by using a “funnel” technique. Check out the video below for more details.


In July the developers of Clash of Clans, Supercell, released a major update with tons of changes. Of course one was level 5 Dragons, and to combat those they introduced an Air Sweeper unit as well. A defensive troop that blows air and wrecks havoc on any air attack. Of course many high-level players opt to use GOWIWI attacks, Golems, wizards, or something else, but I’ve been sticking to Dragons and Balloons for an easy 2-star during War.

First off, you’ll want to spot and be aware of one or both Air Sweepers, as this is crucial to being effective in releasing the Dragons. Air Sweepers also move, and once a target is in its range, it turns like a turret and will blow waves of air and making Dragons useless and slower than they already are.

So, make sure you find the Air Sweepers and stay out of their way, attack where there is the least amount of Air Defense, and hopefully someone was smart enough to set X-Bows to ground only. This will make any attack even more successful.


When it comes to attacking with Dragons in Clash of Clans there’s one thing everyone needs to know about, and do, and that’s create a funnel. Everyone has a different style or technique, and that’s the beauty of Clash of Clans, there’s so many ways to enjoy the game.

TH8 players often use all Dragons and just drop half on one side, and half on the other. And while this works pretty good too, especially on smaller bases, it won’t be too good on big bases, or a TH10 with Inferno towers.

Make a funnel, and give your troops somewhere to go. This same method applies to all troops that target anything, like Wizards, but is very important in Dragon attacks. Shown in the video below is one of many proper ways to create a funnel, giving Dragons no where to go but into a base, rather than circle the outside, which doesn’t do us any good.

I use eight dragons, and 15 balloons, but I’ve also maxed out all my Army Camps and have that luxury. This attack still works pretty great with less troops, but you’ll need all dragons, or at least max Balloons if you want to get 2-star attacks.

As you saw in the video, choose the easiest corner of the base, and start right there. Simply drop two dragons to start (Lava Hounds work good too) by placing one Dragon on each corner. Give them 2-3 seconds to shoot enough fire to take out each building, then in the middle of those two deploy everything else. This creates the funnel. Now, the closest target is behind walls and inside a base, not circling around the outside. Dragons are dumb, they never go where we want them to, and that’s why the funnel is extremely important.

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Creating a funnel ensures that dragons, balloons, or even wizards will go forward and attack a base, rather than circling around the outside killing buildings that aren’t important. We had a few rage spells to speed things up, healing spells before the Infernos were in range, and a third rage spell at the end to take out the Inferno tower and get the Town Hall.

Of course this is just one very simple attack, one of many. Everyone has different preferences, and this doesn’t always work either. The best funnel can be ruined by air sweepers or level 3 Infernos. So choose enemies wisely, make a proper funnel, and enjoy easily taking down huge TH10’s with Dragons and Balloons.

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