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How to Block Websites on Facebook



If you can’t stand seeing another BuzzFeed post on Facebook the website offers a new tool to block websites on Facebook from the news feed with a few clicks.

Any Facebook user will tell you that there is at least one friend who is constantly posting links to the same political website, left or right, that no one else wants to see and get dragged into a conversation that will lead to nothing but frustration.

You can now hide articles on Facebook.

You can now hide articles on Facebook.

If you want to clean up your Facebook news feed and keep articles from a specific website off your feed you can now do this. It is not a perfect solution as some posts will not show a Hide all option, and depending how a user shares a link it may still slip through, but here is how to clean up your Facebook news feed.

How to Block Websites from Facebook

Perhaps one of the nicest parts about the Hide all from option on Facebook is that it works in the Facebook app on iPhone and Android as well as on the website. Given how much time many users spend on Facebook on their phone, this is great to see.

While scrolling through the Facebook news feed, if you see a post from a website that you don’t want to see anymore you can tap to hide all from that website.

Tap on the small arrow in the upper right of a post. This is in the same spot on iPhone, Android and on the web.

Tap or click here to get started.

Tap or click here to get started.

If Facebook detects the website used in post there will be an option to “Hide all from website name.”

Tap on Hide all to get started.

Tap on Hide all to get started.

When asked if you are sure you want to hide posts from website name, click or tap on hide.

Click or tap hide to complete the process.

Click or tap hide to complete the process.

It is possible to click undo to change the block immediately and Facebook will also ask why you don’t want to see articles from that website. Users can tell Facebook if it is annoying or not interesting, that it shouldn’t be on Facebook or that it’s spam. After the initial block it is not clear where users can unblock a site from their Facebook news feed.

This does not appear to work when someone shares a status from another person or from a page. In order to block those users will need to unfollow the individual using the same drop down. This does not unfriend the person, but it will keep all of their updates off your news feed. It would be good to see an option to block shared links here as well.



  1. Stuart Updegrave (@supdegrave)

    03/18/2014 at 6:35 am

    Hi Josh, thanks for the article. I’m trying to find in facebook’s settings where the list of hidden sites might be. Do you have any idea?

  2. king

    08/31/2014 at 5:53 am

    No fecekbook

  3. king

    08/31/2014 at 5:54 am


  4. Caesár

    10/28/2014 at 8:58 am

    This had either been patched or isn’t available for all websites.
    I don’t have the option for this for plenty of websites.
    I keep seeing those annoying WHAT-CHARACTER-ARE-YOU.COM posts.

    lol the admin(s) of that site must be really popular hahahah

  5. Alam

    02/27/2017 at 6:06 am

    Anjali Das

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