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How to Buy A Kindle Book from the iPhone App



008 I picked this tip up from David Pogue on Twitter this evening. If you’ve downloaded the Kindle for the iPhone App you might be a bit frustrated that you can’t download a book directly from the Kindle App. Instead you have to open Safari on the iPhone, browse to the Kindle Store, find your book, and the purchase it. The next time you open the App you’re book will be downloaded into the App.

Well, if you are into sampling books before purchasing here’s a tip that can allow you to buy the book from the Kindle for the iPhone App in a round about way.



Go to the Kindle Store through Safari and choose the sample for the book you want. Once you’ve made that choice, reopen the Kindle App. Your sample will be downloaded. Read the sample or scroll through to its last page. There you’ll see an option to buy the book. If you choose that option, the book will be purchased directly from the App and downloaded automatically.

Still not as smooth as butter, but it is a step closer I guess.



  1. mrpacs

    03/07/2009 at 7:47 pm

    good tip, thanks for sharing.

  2. Steve Chen

    03/16/2009 at 2:12 am

    International buyers are locked out. :(

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