How to Buy an Xbox One Power Cable
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How to Buy an Xbox One Power Cable



Every Xbox One entertainment console comes with some basic accessories. There’s the Xbox One Wireless Controller that players use to interact with their console the most. Microsoft gives them away with the console, but users can purchase another at a local store or online pretty easily. There’s the Xbox One Chat Headset, which is available directly from Microsoft’s website and in most retail stores. Everyone expects to and can pick up these accessories easily, but one thing no one could do was find a reliable way of purchasing the Xbox One Power Cable.

The Xbox One Power Cable is a stylized brick with two cables running from its front and rear. The rear cable draws in power, that power then gets managed by the brick and gets passed on to the Xbox One console itself. For the most part, people forget about the Xbox One Power Cable, that is until they’ve lost one or had theirs stolen.

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Problem is that the Xbox One Power Cable isn’t available in a rental store. You won’t find it in your local Best Buy or GameStop next to all the Xbox One accessories. In fact, until recently the old guaranteed way to get one was to purchase an entirely new Xbox One console. Luckily, Microsoft addressed the issue over the summer, making it easier than ever to claim a replacement Xbox One Power Cable online and have it delivered.

Here’s how to buy an Xbox One Power Cable online.

Where to Go

No, you still can’t buy the Xbox One Power Cable in store. Microsoft has been very quiet about why this is. Theoretically, the company would want users to be able to replace their power cables if they are lost or stolen, but Microsoft hasn’t started selling at places like GameStop and Best Buy. In fact, the company doesn’t directly sell them on its website or through its Microsoft Store retail chain.

To get an Xbox One Power Cable you need to go to Xbox Online Service Center. If the Xbox Online Service Center sounds familiar it’s because Microsoft uses the same site to manage Xbox One repairs and returns. There you can register a new Xbox One, report a problem with the Xbox One and replace crucial Xbox One accessories.

Click the Sign In button in the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll be automatically logged in if you’re on a PC running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. You’ll need to provide your Microsoft Account Username and Password depending on what browser you’re using too.

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Once signed in, Look for the green square on the home page that asks you if you’d like to Replace an Accessory. Click on it.

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Before you can replace an accessory in the Xbox Online Service Center you have to register that device with the service center. Click on Add a device if you haven’t already added your Xbox One. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, relative location and the Serial Number of the Xbox One you’re trying to register.

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You can find the Serial Number on your Xbox One in the Settings app listed under System. Look for the Console Info button.

Once you’ve successfully registered your console you’ll get a list of the accessories that you can replace through the Xbox One experience. Select Power Supply from the list. It’s at the bottom left-corner. You can also have other accessories replaced, like the Xbox One Controller, TV Tuner, Remote and Charge Kit.

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After a few moments of scanning the Xbox Online Service Center will allow you to replace your Xbox One Power Cable. If you have a cable that’s defective, you can exchange it out for a new one. If you need a separate one or purchase a new one. Click or tap Next.

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If your Xbox One is out of warranty you’ll need to pay for a new Xbox One Power Cable either way. If you send yours in Microsoft will only charge you $35. If you’re looking to purchase a separate Xbox One Power Cable you’re looking at spending $50 to get a new cable shipped to you. There’s no exchange when buying the Power Cable at the $50 option. You’ll need to provide Microsoft with a shipping address and credit card information.

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You absolutely don’t have to purchase a new Xbox One Power Cable this way if you don’t want to. There are more than a few resellers on Ebay that sell used Xbox One Power Cables taken from damaged consoles that they no longer own. GottaBeMobile doesn’t recommend getting a new Power Cable from anywhere but Microsoft. If you must, be sure to get the right Power Cable for your country. Check the item’s description to be sure it’s for an Xbox One sold in your country.

Good luck getting your Xbox One Power Cable.

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