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How to Buy Movie Tickets on Your iPhone



If you’d rather skip the line at the movie theater, you can buy movie tickets on your iPhone instead. Here’s how to do it.

Movie tickets are one of those things where users haven’t really bothered to take them into the 21st century. Many movie goers still opt to wait in line at the box office and then hand their physical paper ticket to the worker at the gate. However, technology has allowed us to take the movie ticket experience into the future.

You may have not known before, but you can actually buy movie tickets right on your iPhone, and then either pick them up at the movie theater or show the digital version of your movie ticket to the worker at the gate. There’s no waiting in line and buying tickets is a lot easier.

The Fandango app is arguably the most popular app to not only buy movie tickets, but to look up movie showtimes and have a look at all the new movies that are currently playing in theaters.


If you frequently go to the movie theater and want to take your movie ticket buying experience to the next level, here’s how to buy movie tickets on your iPhone.

Buying Movie Tickets on iPhone

The Fandango app on iPhone has come a long way over the last several years, and now it’s one of the most popular movie apps available. Fandango allows you to do a whole lot of stuff, like looking up nearby theaters, checking out what new movies are playing, and see when showtimes are for specific movies that you want to see.

However, the killer feature of Fandango is being able to buy movie tickets right from within the app. You simply select the movie theater, then the movie, and then buy tickets and you’re off to the races.

First off, download the Fandango app using the link above, or search for it on your iPhone in the App Store.

After the app is installed, you can immediately begin the ticket-buying process. Simply click on the Theaters tab at the bottom to begin.


You can enter in your zip code at the top or the app may ask you for your location and it will search for the nearest movie theaters automatically. Either way, you should see a list of movie theaters near you, with the closest ones showing near the top of the list.

Be sure to pick a theater that is compatible with Fandango. There will be an orange ticket icon or an orange box icon next to theaters that are compatible with Fandango.


Choose a theater and you’ll see a list of movies that are playing there along with showtimes. Showtimes in dark orange are the ones that are available to purchase, so simply tap on a showtime that works for you to get started with the ticket-buying process.


On the next page, choose which ticket you want (Adult, Child, Senior, etc.) and how many you want. From there, you’ll begin the checkout process where you’ll provide a credit card or pay through PayPal. You can also use a Fandango gift card if you have one or even use the movie theater’s own loyalty points if the app supports it.


From there, you’ll complete your order, and depending on what movie theater it is, you’ll have to either pick up your tickets at the movie theater’s box office or you can have your tickets show up digitally on your iPhone and all you have to do is show it to the employee at the gate.


Sometimes it’s just easier to go to the movie theater and buy your tickets the traditional way, but if there’s a long line at the ticket booth, using Fandango to buy your movie is the next best option.

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1 Comment

  1. simon

    04/19/2016 at 8:06 am

    I have to agree fandango is probably one of the best but you guys were missing flixster and a couple of other great ones

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