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How to Change Clock to 24 Hour on Android



Changing options and settings in Android is extremely easy once you figure out the general steps required, and changing the display clock format or type is one more we’re always being asked about.

Whether you’re used to getting up at 0600 hours and head to sleep around 2200, or would rather have your smartphone set to military time (24-hour clock) it’s only a few steps away on our Android smartphones and tablets in settings. A lot of people also call this travelers time, which does away with AM/PM and has users going from 0100 to 2400 instead. Read on for instructions to quickly change this.

24 clock

Settings on our Android smartphones are very easy and laid out in a simple fashion. Usually heading to the settings tab and scrolling through each one you’ll find what you need. However, if you’d like to quickly know how to change your clock to military time, or for some reason your Galaxy S3 switched to a 24 hour clock and you have no clue why, here’s how to switch this setting.


You’ll start by heading into settings on your smartphone or tablet which is either in the application tray usually as a gear-shaped settings icon, or it’s also in the notification pulldown shade. Once you’re in settings, which can look slightly different from each manufacturer, you’ll scroll down to the Date & time settings. This may be in a “device” or “system” tab on Galaxy devices.


Settings > scroll to Date & time > and simply tap the “Use 24-hour format” option in the settings menu.

Once selected (as shown at the top of the page) your phone or tablet will instantly switch over to the 24 hour clock without a reboot or anything. You’ll go from 9:30 AM to 09:30, or 2 PM will be 1400. Of course this settings menu is also where you’d uncheck 24-hour format if for some reason your smartphone is showing a 24 hour clock, and you’d rather it be regular instead.

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This same settings menu is home to tons of other date & time related options too, if you’d like. You can set the phone to automatically choose the date and time based on your phones location and network connection, which is helpful for auto-switching while traveling. And there is usually an option to choose the date format for those who’d rather have the day come before the month, or vise versa.

This is one of those simple settings that many users just don’t take the time to look for, but is readily available once you take a look. Change the settings as you’d like and enjoy.



  1. syedareebali

    03/30/2017 at 1:39 am

    there is a problem in whats app

  2. RobeonMew

    01/26/2018 at 10:31 pm

    But I do this and when the phone reboots it goes back ton12 hour time. Help!

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