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How to Change the LG G3 Font Size and Type



Those looking for a large smartphone with a bright and crisp display, one with large font that’s easy to read without glasses, the LG G3 may be the perfect option. To make it even better, the LG G3 font size and style can easily be changed, and we’ll show you how.

When it comes to choosing the right smartphone for your needs, screen size is a big part of any users decision. These days more and more smartphones are being offered in large 5.5 or 5.7-inch sizes, like the new LG G3 or Galaxy Note 3. Many older users and those with poor eyesight are fans of these big devices.

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Big smartphones are a growing trend. So much in fact that the upcoming iPhone 6 will finally be able to compete with some of the bigger phones from the competition. Rumors suggest it will have a 4.7-inch screen, the biggest display of any iPhone to date, but that doesn’t come nearly close to the 5.5-inch screen size or resolution of the new LG G3. If you need a big phone, the G3 is a perfect fit.


On top of having a massive 5.5-inch display with an extremely clear and crisp 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display, the LG G3 has some options in settings to increase the font. Not all phones offer such a feature, and the ones that do have a lot of fans as not everyone will like the same screen size, font, or style.

My mother switched to the Galaxy Note 2 for the bigger screen that’s easier to see, and she can customize the font size. Then eventually upgraded to the Note 3 for the same reason. A small phone and little font simply won’t work for her, and the same could be true for your friends, family, or parents.

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If you’ve recently bought the new LG G3, or are considering it, below is a quick how to for changing the font style and size for those who need it.


Trying to read text on a small 4-inch iPhone isn’t the easiest task, not to mention a wide array of Android smartphones don’t offer any customization when it comes to the font. Sure some apps provide these customization features, like Textra SMS and a few others, but if you’d like to make your entire device have large and easy to read font, here’s how you do it.

On the LG G3 you’ll need to head into settings by pulling down the notification bar and hitting the top right gear-shaped settings button. From the settings menu you’ll select the third column listed as “display” and scroll down to font type and font style. And it’s that easy.


Settings > Display > Font Style or Font Size > and select the perfect option

As you can see from the image above the LG G3 offers six different font sizes for those looking to change things up. By default it’s set to medium, but a quick tap and refresh will instantly make this smaller, or much larger if needed. Maximum may be overkill, but for those who need it, it’s a blessing this feature is available.

Once you select the size you’d like, owners can also change the font type. We’re not a fan of the few pre-intsalled font options, as most make the phone look silly or messy at times. That being said, everyone is different, and this is one more way a user can add a bit of style and character to their new LG G3. Below are the few different font styles as well, but they’ll also change the size. The stock font will be more legible on bigger font sizes, but give them all a try and see what’s right for you.


That’s it. It only takes a few seconds and taps in settings and you can change the entire overall look of the LG G3. Add that to the array of other customization options they’ve enabled out of the box, and this is one of the most customizable smartphones available today.

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