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How to Close Apps on the HTC 10



Now that the impressive new HTC 10 smartphone is available in the United States, and coming to more carriers soon, we’re starting to get a lot of questions about it. This guide will explain how to close or clear running apps on the HTC 10 to improve performance and save battery life.

With a powerful Quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a bigger 5.2-inch Quad HD display users will be running tons of apps, games, music players, and more which will end up sitting idle once they’re no longer in use. We want to close apps that are no longer needed.

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On April 12th the new HTC 10 was announced, and it’s available in the United States on May 5th from Verizon, May 13th from Sprint, as well as T-Mobile or Once owners get it they will want to learn how to use it. Clearing or closing apps is a very generic task, but iPhone converts or first time smartphone buyers will want to know how to do it. Read on to find out how.


When it comes to Android, in most cases owners should let the operating system manage the memory and recent apps, not to mention 4GB of RAM means it can multitask with no problem. This phone has more than enough power to have tons of apps open that users can switch back and forth between. That said, there are still times a user may want to clear apps running apps that aren’t needed.

Google’s Android OS does an excellent job managing apps and multi-tasking unlike any other operating system, by putting apps in a low-power state ready to be called into action when needed. With Android 6.0 a feature called “Doze” does this even better, and puts apps to sleep in a low power state until they’re needed again. It’s very fast and efficient, but not for everyone. Lets get started.


Clearing apps out of memory or the multi-tasking menu on the HTC 10 is very easy, and similar to models before it, or most Samsung or Android devices. Under the screen there are back, home, and square icon buttons. That last one on the right side, the is the multi-tasking or app switcher button. It’s something most owners rarely touch, but can make anyone more efficient in seconds.

Simply tap the square-like button on the bottom right of the display. This is the multi-tasking menu key that brings up all currently used and running apps. For those that didn’t know, switching from Gmail to YouTube, then to the browser, and back to Gmail is extremely fast and efficient with this button. However, this is also where a quick swipe will close and kill apps.


Above is what owners will see when they tap the multi-tasking key. It’s a rollodex style card UI full of all running apps. Then on the right you can see I’m simply swiping with a finger to clear and close Google Play Music. A quick swipe, and the app is permanently closed until a user opens it again.

It’s a good idea to leave things like phone, messages, or even the browser in here, especially if you use these often. Clearing the SMS text app only means it will need to restart the next time a message comes in, wasting even more battery than leaving it sitting idle. This same rule applies to all apps, so only close the ones you won’t be needing anymore. It’s a good idea to clear big apps like Google Maps, Navigation, or the battery-draining Facebook app.

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One swipe and the app is cleared away. Any saved progress or website you may be on will have to reload next time you use that specific application. Simply swipe to clear apps on the HTC 10, and that’s it. However, below is another option, which is “Clear All”. Most manufacturers offer this, but it’s not something we’d recommend. Many owners tap it multiple times throughout the day thinking it will help, but Android manages system apps and memory so well, that it doesn’t help as much as people think.


However, tapping that button on the bottom will indeed close and clear every single app running on the phone. Above you can see it now says “Your recent apps appear here” and that’s because there are none to display, I closed all running apps.

A few times that option is a good idea is before bed at night, when headed to work, or when a user knows they won’t be operating the phone for an extended amount of time. Any other situation, just let the phone handle everything for you. It is a smartphone after all.

That is all you need to know. Simply hit the square button on the bottom right of the phone, swipe away any app you no longer want open and running and it closes the app on the HTC 10. If you have any other questions drop us a comment below.

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1 Comment

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