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How to Create a Custom iTunes Radio Station



Every music streaming app has its advantages and disadvantages, but the nice thing with iTunes Radio is that it is built directly into the iPhone’s music app. Another cool feature is the station style format that iTunes radio uses to provide music to listeners.

By default iTunes Radio has featured stations that are easy to access, but when those don’t cut it there is also an option to create a new custom station. By creating a custom station you can fine tune what type of music is on the station, and also discover new songs or artists based on music that you already know.

To create a custom iTunes Radio Station follow the guide below.

Open Music.

Open Music


Tap Radio.

Tap Radio


Tap New Station.

Tap New Station


In the search box enter the name of a song, artist or genre to base your station on. After finding the station, tap on it to create it and start listening.

Select Station

After the new station has been created you can fine tune it to your musical tastes. Just like Pandora, iTunes Radio has a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” feature for the tracks that are played on the station. To like or dislike a song tap the Star icon.

Tap Star


After selecting the star, the user can choose to play more music like that or never play that song again. Another cool option is adding the song to a wish list so you can buy it at a later time.

Song Options

Since iTunes radio is obviously controlled directly by Apple they make it easy to buy the music that is being played on your custom station. To buy a track simply tap the Price in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Quick Buy Song


While so far it seems like iTunes radio compares directly with Spotify or Pandora, there are additional features that make it shine. To access these special station features tap the information icon.

Tap Station Settings


From here, the user can make another station based on the current artist or song that is playing.

Quick Create Other Stations


Another unique setting is to tune the custom radio station. By default, stations are set to play the hits or popular songs, but if you want a better mix of music that you may of not have heard of there are two different settings for that. For a bit broader listening experience choose the Discover setting. If you wish for some new music but also some that you recognize, Variety is a great option.

Song Variety Options


Another option that the user has for the station is whether it allows explicit music. This is more up to personal preference but it is a nice option to have. For those who want to allow Explicit Tracks turn the slider to On.

Allow Explicit Music


Lastly, the user can share a custom station they have made by selecting the Share button. This is a handy feature for sending stations you have made to friends and family.

Share Station

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