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How to Create Custom Ringtones for Android



When it comes to selecting ringtones for our Android smartphones the options are nearly limitless. Of course you can always go into settings and choose a pre-made ringtone, but here we’ll explain how to quickly and easily create custom ringtones on Android.

The sounds that come with our smartphones are never that great, and selecting a song from your Google Play Music or other music collections aren’t always the best either. Some aren’t loud enough at the beginning, are too big to use, or you just want a specific chorus or part of any given song. That’s where one or two of the many ringtone creation apps for Android come into play.

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Rather than going into settings > sounds > ringtones and notifications, and selecting one of the many terrible pre-installed ringtones, below we’ll show you how to create any song or ringtone you’d like from any audio or MP3 file you own. Alternatively, suggest a few apps with a huge selection that does all the work for you.


When it comes to creating custom ringtones for Android users have a lot of options. You can easily download already made ones from the internet or an array of apps, cut parts of songs on your computer, or use some easy to use apps on the Google Play Store and make your own. The latter is what I always do, right from my device, and here’s how.

To start you’ll need some of your songs on your Android smartphone or tablet. This can be on the internal storage, on a micro-SD card, or even uploaded to your Google Play Music collection. Then you’ll download one of the many free apps, cut the song to the spot you’d like, and save it for use.


Making custom ringtones for Android is nothing new, and it’s something users have been doing for years. A popular app back in the day was Ringdroid, but since then many excellent alternatives have arrived that offer a better experience, and do a fine job creating custom ringtones for our devices.

Our favorite is an app called Ringtone Maker by the developers at Big Bang. Ringtone Maker is a free app that creates ringtone, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV,AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files and more. Meaning the options are nearly endless. You can set the start and ending notes by sliding arrows along the timeline, by pressing Start and End to record the point, or by typing in time stamps. They offer cut and paste, as well as a fade in and out option so your ringtone doesn’t just start blaring and scare everyone around you.

Download Ringtone Maker

Rather than explain everything here’s a quick how to video and review of the app right from the developers themselves. They’ve added this video to the Google Play Store, and it highlights just how impressive and easy to use the app really is. With over 10 million downloads and nearly 150,000 5-star reviews, this is your best bet when it comes to creating ringtones.

As you saw above, Ringtone Maker has a built-in file manager that will let you find songs you’ve added to your phone after plugging it into a computer, added to a micro-SD card, or recorded using one of the many recording app for Android. If you’ve never done that you’ll need to head into settings, enable USB debugging, plug your phone into a computer, and copy paste (or click and drag) any song from a PC onto your smartphone. This can be a specific folder, or just anywhere, as Ringtone Make will find it. From here import it into Ringtone Maker, make the proper edits and adjust the sliders where you see fit, hit play to make sure it sounds perfect, add fade in or out options if you’d like, then hit save.

You’ll notice this also has a feature where once saved it automatically lets you set it to the default ringtone. This means you won’t have to exit the app and fumble through your settings to make it your new ringtone. Simply select “make default” from the popup, and you’re all done. You can even set a new edit to a specific contact for friends, family, or loved ones. Having different songs for each person is something many do, and this app makes it a breeze.

The large visual indicator shows the high and low points of any song, making it easy to drag the slider to that exact moment (or just before) that the music or words start playing, allowing for a perfect ringtone in minutes.


However, if adding music from your computer or doing all of the editing above sounds like too much work, just download the extremely popular app Zedge. It has been around for years, before smartphones were ever a thing, and they have one of the largest collections of ringtones, wallpapers, photos and more.

Download Zedge from Google Play

Whether you’re looking for text message sounds like the coins from Mario Brothers (like I have) or even the Breaking Bad theme for your ringtone, this app has it all.


Once you download Zedge just start browsing their massive database of content, download what you want, for free, and then head back into settings > sounds > ringtones > and select and make the new song you’ve downloaded your default ringtone or notification.

Zedge lets you pick from specific ringtones then set it for your standard default sound, specific contacts, or even the notification sound for SMS, emails and more. It’s extremely customizable, and they even have alarm clock sounds too. That way you can wake up to something peaceful if you’d like, or an obnoxious noise if you’re a deep sleeper. Zedge has it all, so give it a try today.

Another honorable mention is MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, which is another extremely popular app from the Google Play Store similar to the first option mentioned above. Enjoy!



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