How To Disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One

While the HTC One’s hardware has likely been the main attraction for users in the market for a top-tier device running Android, many of the device’s most notable improvements come from the newly upgraded Sense 5. In particular: BlinkFeed.

While we found BlinkFeed, HTC’s built-in hub for combining the news articles, status updates, and current weather conditions, to be pretty useful, the fact that is is built-in forced many users who are upgrading from other Android devices to once again learn a new way of doing things.

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The HTC One runs HTC Sense 5 with HTC Blinkfeed and a collection of other features.

The HTC One with Blinkfeed.

That’s not necessarily the best scenario for many, especially since the HTC One (the only HTC device that ships with BlinkFeed natively) already famously omits a physical menu button.

While users can’t uninstall or deactivate BlinkFeed for a more stock Android experience, they can configure the home button to default to another panel that’s similar to the default Android home screen. Here’s how.

From the current BlinkFeed powered Home screen swipe from the right. This screen should look familiar as it’s the same view that any Android user is treated to from a stock device or otherwise.

Tap and hold any part of the screen that isn’t covered by an application. By doing this you’ll trigger the settings screen for nearly any element on Android, including the customization options for home screens.

The Home Screen Settings Panel on the HTC One with Sense 5.

The Home Screen Settings Panel on the HTC One with Sense 5.

At the top you’ll find a zoomed out view of all of the panels that are currently on your HTC One, with the BlinkFeed enabled panel appearing on the far left. Decide which panel you’d like to set as your home screen and then tap and hold it.

You should now see options to ‘Set as Home’ on the left and ‘Remove’ on the right top corners of your screen replacing the ‘Add Panel’ option. Drag the panel you’ve decided to replace BlinkFeed with to the left towards that ‘set as home’ option.

A small home icon will appear on the panel you’ve chosen indicating that the switch was successful. Now whenever you hit the Home button on the HTC One, it’ll be this panel that you see first instead of BlinkFeed. BlinkFeed will still be there running, though now you’ll only see if it you swipe to that particular home screen panel.