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How to Disable HTC 10 Automatic App Updates



The new premium all metal HTC 10 is finally shipping to buyers, and new owners have lots of questions. When you first get the HTC 10 it will have a lot of apps that need to be updated on the Google Play Store. However, in the weeks and months following, more will surface. Users that don’t want to be bothered with notifications to update apps, or want to control what updates, here we will be explaining how to manage or disable automatic app updates on the HTC 10.

It’s a beautiful new phone with a pretty stock and simple version of Android, but some advanced controls can get a bit confusing. One thing we always get questions about are apps that update automatically, so here we’ll explain how to disable that from happening on your new phone.

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If you don’t want the HTC 10 updating apps on its own, or don’t want to be bothered by tons of notifications to update apps daily, we have a few easy ways to stop it. This can be helpful for first-time Android smartphone owners, or someone that recently switched from an iPhone to HTC’s new phone.


Out of the box and by default it will update apps automatically, which is the best way for most. At the same time, many want to control evetything, and know what’s going on with apps or why they’re updating. This could be to save data and update on WiFi only, or to know what’s new or changing. Google’s Play Store even adds an icon for new apps on the homescreen automatically, and we can disable that obnoxious feature in this settings menu while we’re at it.

Whether or not owners should do this is up to them, and everyone has different wants or preferences. Those that want total control will want to follow the steps below.


This setting is extremely easy to find, and isn’t buried in phone options or settings either. Navigate to the Google Play Store by tapping the icon on your homescreen, or by finding it in the app tray.

Once inside the Google Play Store users can select the top left (3-lines) menu button next to the “Google Play” search bar and scroll down to “Settings” and select that as shown in our image below. Everything we need to change for everything mentioned earlier is right in this Google Play Store settings menu.


This is the regular settings menu for Google’s Play Store. One of the first options listed is “Auto-update apps” and we need to select that. From here simply choose what works best for you. By default it will be set to automatically update apps over Wi-Fi, which is what most users should leave it on. We don’t want apps updating while using data, as that can use a full 3-4GB data plan very quick, especially at first, or if users install big games like Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8, or others. Instead select “Do not auto-update apps”.


Selecting this means users will constantly be notified in the top notification bar that apps need to be updated, and it won’t happen automatically. This gives owners the option to check changelogs and know what’s new, and stop updates if there are features coming or going from a particular app.

Our recommendation would be to leave it set to update apps over WiFi to save data, so it updates automatically but not with your data. However, you’re here to stop that, so select do not auto update. Then, as we mentioned above, in here users can also uncheck the feature that automatically puts icons on the homescreen. De-select that box, and we’re all done.

Is This Right For You?

Casual smartphone users or those new to Android may want to let the smartphone do everything for them. My parents hate getting notifications for updates every other day, so they have it set to auto. Personally, I’d rather control what updates, look at any changelogs and permission requests, so I do everything manually.

If you use auto-update you won’t know what’s new and different, or what could be changing in your favorite apps. Users will simply notice changes to apps like Facebook, YouTube, or even frequently played games.

In the end it’s all about personal preference. Do what fits your needs, what’s easiest for you, and enjoy the fancy new HTC 10 smartphone. While you’re here, check out some great cases below.

15 Best HTC 10 Cases

HTC 10 Ice View Case

HTC 10 Ice View Case

Following the success and tradition of the popular HTC Dot View case from previous years, HTC has an all-new case for 2016 called the "Ice View Case". Rather than being a flip case with tiny dots all over that lets light shine through for quick notifications, the entire case is "iced" and glazed over, yet still see-through so owners can get information without opening a case.

The HTC Ice View combines protection for your phone with instant accessibility. With this case owners can take photos in a snap, read texts, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more without ever opening the case and exposing the device. HTC Ice View also supports 3rd party notifications like Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Double tapping the screen while the phone is off will instantly show users the time, date, battery life (the big circle) and even weather information and incoming notifications. All while still being protected by the front cover. This at-a-glance information can all be heavily themed and customized as users see fit as well.

A quick swipe will show users a text message, give access to volume and music playback controls, or even quickly launch the camera and snap photos. It's a breeze, easy to use, and a case all prior HTC owners have enjoyed.  It's still a nice case, has a HTC branded magnet to turn off the display when closed and much more. Buy one now so it's ready and waiting when the phone is released.

Buy the HTC Ice View for $49.99

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1 Comment

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