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How to Enable Developer Options on the LG G4



The impressive new LG G4 smartphone is loaded with impressive features, a big 5.5-inch HD display, one of the best cameras full of options and advanced settings and more, but there’s also an entire hidden developer menu full of more advanced settings some users may want to enable.

Developers or enthusiasts looking to control additional aspects of their new LG G4, enable USB debugging for advanced functions, or to use a tweak we’ll mention below to improve performance will need to enable the hidden developer menu in settings. All the normal settings most users need are easily seen, but some of the advanced controls are hidden behind a key combination.

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There are multiple reasons why a user or developer would want to access the hidden developer settings menu on the LG G4, and this quick guide will explain how to access this hidden gem. It’s actually quite easy and only takes six or so taps of the screen, so read on for the full instructions and visual breakdown.

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All Android devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and newer will need to follow the steps below before owners can access this advanced and hidden menu. This is hidden so average users don’t go in and mess with settings, but developers or enthusiasts need access to it. As a result, Google’s put a system in place essentially requiring a user to tap a certain area inside the “about me” settings menu for 4-6 times to fully unlock this hidden menu.

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Before we get started, this entire menu is for advanced users, and changing some of the settings or controls can significantly alter the experience on your new LG G4. So proceed with caution. While there are a few necessary settings hidden in here average users will want to access, most of this stuff is for developers only or those modding their smartphone. With that out of the way, here’s the simple instructions.


There are only a few steps required, all of which are really easy for any user to complete. Simply navigate to the screen detailed and shown below, tap a few times, and you’re all done.

To start enter the settings menu on the LG G4 by finding the gear-shaped icon in your application tray, or by sliding down the notification bar from the top of the screen and tapping the same gear-shaped icon near the top right of the screen. Then go to General > About phone > software info > and tap build number as shown below. More details are below the image.


Once you’re in settings you’ll tap the last column up top labeled “General” as shown in the image above and scroll all the way down to the “About me” section of your smartphone. (Reminder: this same process works on all Android 4.2 and above devices)

Once you’re in the about me settings menu you’ll need to scroll down to and select the “software information” selection. In here the phone shows the Android version your device is running, baseband info, kernel details, build number, and software version. This is all pretty boring stuff, but the second to the last option called “build number” is what you’ll need to tap.

From here just quickly tap “Build number” 5-6 times and it will unlock the developer menu. After a few taps you’ll see a prompt on-screen that confirms you are just a few steps away, tap a few more times and that’s it. It’s just that easy. Users will see a cyan-blue popup that states you’re now a developer.


Now all users need to do is hit back once or twice to go back to the regular settings > general tab, and near the bottom is the new developer options menu in settings.

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In here owners will find options to keep the screen awake while charging, USB debugging, Bluetooth controls, allow mock locations, debug specific apps, show screen touches, and tons of other little controls and advanced settings. Again, most of these are for developers, and aren’t needed for the average user. Thus explaining why they are hidden.

Should You Do This?

Enabling the hidden developer options menu in Android is completely up to the end user and will not cause any issues or harm to the LG G4. Most of the options included are hidden by Google for a reason, but those looking to hack their device will need to access a few of these options or settings.

This little trick isn’t for the average user, so again, proceed with caution and don’t mess with settings if you don’t know what they do. That said, give it a try today, and start hacking or tweaking that brand new LG G4.

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1 Comment

  1. Matt

    04/17/2016 at 8:29 am

    This article is bad and you should feel bad. You took ‘tap build number 6 times’ and turned it into a full page of bullshit. Congratulations, you are the worst.

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