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How to Enable LG G3 One Handed Operation



If you’re one of the many considering the new LG G3 over something like the HTC One M8 or Samsung’s Galaxy S5, you’ll want to know about all the additional features, settings, and controls available on the new smartphone. One thing many may not think about when buying a large 5.5-inch device is using it with one hand, but thankfully LG has settings just for that.

The new LG G3 is packed full of advanced features and top-tier specs including a laser auto-focus, a first for smartphones, as well as an impressive 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display. And while the screen is stunning to watch videos on, it comes at a price as not everyone has hands big enough to comfortably use it one-handed.

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Just like the recent Samsung Galaxy Note lineup, LG has integrated some important features and customizable settings to make using the LG G3 with one hand a bit easier. Continue on for a quick set of instructions and a video showing you how to enable One Handed Operation mode on the new G3.


Lately Apple has been touting how easy it is to use the iPhone 5S with one hand because the screen is so small, but just like the rest, the new iPhone 6 is rumored to have a large 4.7-inch screen, and we’ve even heard a 5.5-inch iPhone is coming. If that’s the case, those users will have the same dilemma here, but thankfully there’s a fix.

Following in Samsung’s footsteps LG has added a “One Handed Operation” mode in the settings menu that will allow users to set their lockscreen pin, keyboard, and even the dialer all to the left or right side for easy one-handed use. Here’s how to do it.


It’s actually extremely easy to enable One Handed Operation mode on the LG G3, but once you do it there’s no instructions on how to actually change the keyboard location, which is what most buyers will want this feature for. Below is exactly how to do it, as well as a video showing you how for good measure.

Simply head into settings by pulling down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button. From here you’ll go over to the last column called “General” and find the controls inside. The fifth option labeled “One-Handed Operation” is where you’ll need to go. Then simply check the boxes for what aspects of the device you’d like to use with one hand.


LG only has choices for the dial pad, keyboard, and the lockscreen pin, but those are the only super important areas for this feature. The new Galaxy S5 lets the user actually make the entire device work on a certain portion of the screen, making Android as a whole easier to use with one-hand, but LG didn’t feel going to that much of an extreme was needed.

That being said, if you want to enable one-handed operation on the new LG G3 check out our how to video below.

Once you’ve enabled one-handed operation mode you’ll be able to go into the dialer and see arrows for whatever side you’d like the keys to relocate to for easy access, and the same method works on the keyboard. Oddly enough some apps had the keyboard visible with arrows to move it left/right, while others there’s no arrow and a simply swipe from the edge of the screen will move it for you, as shown in the video above.

It’s worth noting you can leave the keyboard in the middle even with this setting enabled, and simply swipe to move it only when needed, and swipe to put it back to center with ease. This allows for the user to only enable this setting once, and use it as needed. Give the One Handed Mode a try today and enjoy the new LG G3.

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