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How to Factory Reset an Android Wear Smartwatch



Now that Android Wear is readily available on a few different smartwatches being sold directly by Google in the Play Store, consumers are starting to get their hands on the new wearable gadget. After being announced a few weeks ago at Google I/O following a short teaser in March, users can now enjoy the first wave of Google-powered smartwatches.

With options like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live now available from select retails and online, buyers are starting to ask questions regarding how Android Wear works. One thing you may want to know is how to reset the device, which is called a factory data reset. Essentially wiping all personal information from your watch.

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Just like all Android smartphones and tablets a quick scroll through settings can achieve this. Whether you want to sell your Android Wear watch already, give it to a friend or family member, or just wipe all user data and start over, check out the video below for a quick hands on and how to.


It’s always recommended that users wipe all information and personal data from a device before selling it, even if Android Wear stores most of the information and apps on your smartphone or tablet, and not the watch itself. That being said, factory resets are still something you should know how to do.

Even if you’re brand new to Android, or been using it for years, Android Wear was designed with simplicity in mind. That means that all of the settings are just a tap or swipe away, or even just a voice command using Google Now and Google voice search to control your device.


For those who’d rather have a visual regarding how to wipe out your Android Wear watch the video below quickly and easily will show you how to do so. That said, simply do the few commands listed and you’ll be wiped and reset in no time.

Make sure the screen is on (not the dim low-power state) or simply tap the screen, then say “Ok Google, settings” which will instantly launch voice commands, hear you say settings, and navigate to the settings menu. From here scroll down a few options to “Reset device” and tap that. Take a peek at our quick how to video below.

As you can see from the video above, doing a factory data reset to wipe out your Android Wear-powered smartwatch is extremely easy. Just say Ok Google, Settings, and navigate to the reset option and select it. From here you’ll get a quick confirmation prompt, tap the green check for OK, and you’re done.


Android Wear will reboot, go into recovery mode to wipe all of your user data, and reboot as a fresh product just like on first boot out of the box. You’re all done. It’s that easy. Users can also say “Ok Google” then tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen and navigate to the bottom of the options list, tap settings, and find it that way, but voice controls are available so use them to your advantage.

The method described above is essentially the same method used on Android devices for years, so most users should already know how to perform a factory data reset. However, if you’re new to these devices just follow the steps above and you’ll have a clean and fresh smartwatch in a matter of minutes.

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