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How to Find a New iPad (3rd Gen) in Stock at a Local Store



The iPad is in short supply online and in stores. If you want to get one without paying $100-$200 extra on
Craigslist or eBay, you’ll want to track one down in a local store.

If you don’t want to call your local store every 20 minutes, we have an easier way to find a new iPad in stock at a local store that you can buy today.

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Below you’ll find easiest ways to find a new iPad in stock at RadioShack, Walmart, Target and other retailers like Best Buy.

This won’t help you find one in stock at an Apple Store, overlooking the ways to track down the Apple Store stock.


You want to track stock at Best Buy, Target and RadioShack, is your best bet.

Milo has access near real-time stock levels at these retailers. That means you can go online and check from your phone or your computer and find an iPad in stock at the location nearest you, without calling and pestering the local sales people.

find an iPad in stock at local store helps you find an iPad in stock at local store.

Milo will help you find a new iPad at the following retailers. It’s worth noting that when you search on Milo, you need to search for iPad 3 or “the new iPad”.

I was able to find at least one Store carrying each new iPad model. Stores are listed as in stock, low stock, call store and out of stock.

Find a new iPad in Stock with

I’ve had great success in finding many items with

Milo’s in stock and low stock statuses are accurate, but If you’re going to drive a significant distance, I suggest you call the store and find out if you can hold one even if just for a few hours.

Find a new ipad in stock at walmart

Find a new iPad in stock at Walmart.


If you go to on your iPhone or android, you can search for the new iPad.

On your phone, Walmart will search by location, and show you stock as of midnight last night.

To find the new iPad in stock at Walmart, you need to search for “new iPad”, otherwise you end up with a mess of search results.

Most local stores were out of stock for me, but some listed limited stock.

Because Walmart only updates the stock at midnight, you may want to call to verify that some new iPads are still in stock, but at least now you know which stores to call.


Right now Apple’s not offering any reserve for in-store pickup options, but in the past you’ve been able to reserve an iPad for next day pick up.

Typically Apple will start this process within a week or two of launch. We’ll keep you updated with the easiest ways to find an iPad in stock at your local store, but for now and the Milo app are your best bet for finding a new iPad without paying an arm and a leg on craigslist.

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I had surprising luck finding a new iPad in stock at a local store this morning.

Typically the 16 GB models sell out the fastest, but my local Best Buy still had a few in stock. I think this is due to the fact that many people are buying a 32 GB iPad to make room for HD movies and retina display apps. If you’re looking for a 4G LTE version, many local stores are in short supply, so you should check directly with Verizon or AT&T for the best luck.

Best Buy and target, have the best stock of third-party retailers. If you have one of these stores near you, that should be your first stop.

Stay tuned for more tips on finding a new iPad in stock near you.



  1. iPad Lover

    04/05/2012 at 11:25 am

    There’s also a free iPhone/iPad app called FindOne that checks the in stock models at your local Target and RadioShack. (For 99 cents you can add searches at Best Buy and Walmart).  FindOne gives you product info, clickable phone numbers, map directions, and more.  It allows you to search locally or in a specified zip code for precisely the model(s) you’re interested in.  Check it out.

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