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How to Find an iPhone 4S in Stock at Local Stores



Now that iPhone 4S launch day is here, many of you are eager to find an iPhone 4S to purchase.

If you aren’t waiting for your iPhone 4S to be delivered, your best bet to get one before the end of the month is to find one in stock at a local store.

We have a roundup of local stores selling the iPhone 4S, but if you want to avoid disappointment, you should check the stock of your local stores online.

iPhone 4S at Local Stores

Milo finds you an iPhone 4S at Local Stores

How to Find an iPhone 4S in Stock

The search engine Milo makes it easy to locate a store with the iPhone 4S in stock, and as of this morning, there are a number of locations to pick up the iPhone 4S right now.

Milo searches a number of local stores, but right now the only one reporting stock of the iPhone 4S is Best Buy. Milo has near real time stock tracking, which means if you see an iPhone 4S listed as in stock at your local store, you better get moving.

Milo also searches RadioShack, but we haven’t found an iPhone 4S listed as in stock at Radio Shack.

iPhone 4S in Stock at Other Stores

If you don’t want to hit up Best Buy, small carrier stores are your best bet. The iPhone 4S is in stock at many AT&T, Sprint and Verizon locations with no lines. GottaBeMobile Staff have had the best luck locating stock when calling corporate carrier kiosks, like those located in malls.

Great place to find an iPhone 4S

Mall Kiosks are a good place to find an iPhone 4S on launch day.

My local kiosk still had stock this morning, and was even taking appointments for setup. Though they didn’t promise to hold devices, it was implied, and a really nice gesture.

If you need to get an iPhone 4S on launch day, or anytime in the next few weeks, these are your best options. If you find a cache of unsold iPhone 4S units when you are out today, leave a note in the comments so we can update this list for other GottaBeMobile Readers.

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