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How to Find the Xbox Deals with Gold



Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is only as strong as Xbox Live, its companion online gaming service. Each day, millions of users around the world power up their Xbox One console to enjoy the latest television shows and movies. Of course, the Xbox One is also a gaming console and each day user’s flock to Xbox Live to play the latest titles with their friends.

Some don’t know this, but the primary reason for having an Xbox Live Gold account isn’t necessarily multiplayer. For many people, playing games alone is relaxing. These people pay for Xbox Live Gold because they know about Microsoft’s Xbox Deals with Gold promotions.

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Xbox Live Deals with Gold let users claim massive savings on titles both new and old. Each week Microsoft posts a slate of new deals available only to Xbox Live Gold members. Sometimes these deals include savings on older titles that have already hit the bargain bin at Wal-Mart and other retailers. Other times there’s huge savings to be had on fairly modern games like Dragon Age: Inquisition. Often, the games aren’t included in the Xbox Deals with Gold, but they’re add-on Season Passes are.

Xbox Deals with Gold is an easy way to save on the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 games plus the add-on content. He’s how to see the Xbox Deals With Gold anywhere and everywhere.

See the Xbox Deals with Gold on the Xbox One

It’s fitting that Microsoft’s Xbox One console has the easiest way to access what’s available in the Xbox Deals with Gold promotion each week. With the Xbox 360 Microsoft sort of scattered the savings throughout the dashboard, but the Xbox One includes a dedicated Xbox Live Gold hub that’s always available when the console is connected to the service.

Power up your Xbox One console and look for a box on the right under Featured that includes the world Gold in it. Almost always, this link to the Xbox Live Gold hub sits at the bottom of each week’s promotions.

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Inside the Xbox Live Gold Hub sits a bit of information about your account and each week’s Deals with Gold promotion. On the far left is a badge identifying how long you’ve had your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Below that is a button to set the console you’re on as your Home console so that you can share your games.

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Use your controller to browse through the panels sitting on the right edge of your screen. The first panel shows which games are included in this month’s Xbox Games With Gold promotion. The second panel includes the Xbox Live Deals with Gold discounts and promotions. If there’s a specific sale going on there’s a third panel labeled Exclusives.How to Find the Xbox Deals with Gold (3)

See the Xbox Deals with Gold Online

The second way to see the Xbox One Deals with Gold Promotion is to simply head to Microsoft’s Xbox website. In some ways, buying online is more convenient since Microsoft automatically downloads video game purchases to the Xbox One when it’s in a lower power state.

Go to and hover on the Xbox Live Gold tab on the top navigation bar. Don’t click it. Instead, click Deals with Gold under the list of sub-pages that shows up.

deals with gold website

Scroll from top to bottom to check out the latest Xbox Deals with Gold promotions. Always on the top are the titles for the Xbox One. Second are the titles discounted for the Xbox 360. In general Microsoft provides a bit of information about the nature of the discount on this page, but you’ll need to deep dive into each title’s page to see the true savings. You need to be logged into to the Xbox website before you can see the final pricing for each game or game add-on.

See the Xbox Deals with Gold On Your Phone Using Xbox SmartGlass

Finally, there’s Xbox SmartGlass, the companion app for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Xbox One version of the app connects directly to your console when you’re at home, but most people forget that it works just as well when you’re not at home. Download the Xbox One SmartGlass app and login with the same Microsoft Account you use for your console.

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Now tap the menu button in the far left corner.

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Tap Store.

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Swipe your finger to the left once and scroll down.

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Above all, remember to be careful when picking up anything featured in the Xbox Deals with Gold promotions. Downloadable content and Season Passes require that you actually own the game before you can play them. For example, buying Watch Dogs DLC for $13.99 isn’t a good deal if you still don’t have the game to take advantage of it.

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Xbox Live Deals with Gold promotions change each Tuesday and vary between the different countries Xbox Live is available in.

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