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How to Find Your Parked Car with Your iPhone



It’s not really all that hard to find your parked car in a normal parking lot, but when at the airport or even a large festival, parking is a nightmare, which means you probably need help finding your parked car. Here are a few iPhone apps you can use to help you find where your car is in a heap of other parked cars.

You could spend some extra time walking up and down the aisles of a parking garage looking for your car, while at the same repeatedly tapping the panic button on your keychain to set the alarm off, but it’s almost like that never works most of the time.

This is why you’re better off leaving the duty of finding your parked car to your iPhone. Luckily, there are several apps available that mark where you parked your car and you can go back into that app later on to see where it is indeed parked, shown with a pinpoint of its location.

Of course, if you have an Android device with Google Now, it will automatically save your car’s parked location, and then you can ask Google Now to find your parked car when you need it again. iOS 8 could get this feature come fall, and while iPhone users can get Google Now through the Google Search app, it doesn’t have this functionality, so you’re left with a few other options.

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Some of the parking apps available on iPhone are better than others, though, and we’ve taken some time to see which ones are actually worth using. Unfortunately, there’s really only one parking app that’s worth using on iPhone, but the good news is, it’s actually a really nice app.

Find Your Car in a Sea of Vehicles

Whether you’re trying to find your car at the airport (which is nearly impossible) or attempting to locate it in a multi-level parking garage, there’s a fairly new app that can save your car’s parked location automatically or manually, and it uses your iPhone’s GPS to pinpoint the location so that it’s as accurate as possible.

iParked is an extremely simple and easy-to-use app that allows you to save your car’s location where it’s parked, that way you’ll always know where you parked so that you’re no aimlessly wondering around the parking lot looking for it.

Best of all, iParked is a free download and is available in the iTunes App Store.

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Opening up the app will reveal a map and your current location represented by a pulsating blue dot (just like in Apple Maps or Google Maps). As you’re driving and looking for a parking spot, iParked will continue to monitor your location until you have found a parking spot. The app will know when you parked since it’ll detect that you stopped and are starting to walk, which the app assumes that you’ve parked and are walking toward your destination now. From there, the app can automatically place a pin down without any interaction necessary, just as long as you leave the app open in the iOS app switcher.

However, for more accurate results, we always recommend doing this manually, simply because apps can be finicky at times. Once you park your car, all you need to do is tap on the pin button at the bottom, and the app will place a pinpoint on your current location.

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From there, you can close the app and continue on with your day, or you can set a timer in the app if you parked at a parking meter, that way you’ll know when it’ll run out so that you don’t end up getting a parking ticket. Of course, you could just use the default Clock app in iOS for the timer, but it’s nice having the feature built right into iParked.

There’s nothing else to the app other than these features, which might seem like a disappointment, but you’ll quickly come to find that the simple and barebones features in iParked is really all you need. There are a couple of settings you can change in the app as well, such as using miles or kilometers, as well as choosing what kind of map you want to use, like Standard, Satellite or Hybrid.

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