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How to Find Your WiFi Password



You want to share your WiFi connection with a friend or simply connect a new device, but it’s been ages since you’ve had to type in a password to get online. If you have a device already connected to the WiFi, you can use this guide to find your WiFi password without resetting the router or calling for help.

This is a process that anyone can do without a lot of technical know how in many cases. We’ll start with the simplest ways to find your WiFi password on Windows or Mac and how to connect to WiFi without a password. If all else fails we will walk you through how to reset your WiFi password.

How to find your WiFi password in 30 seconds.

How to find your WiFi password in 30 seconds.

How to Find Your WiFi Password

On most modern WiFi routers there is a default WiFi password and name¬†that will allow you to connect without worrying about remembering any specific passwords. If you’ve changed this you may be lucky enough to have written it down on the bottom of the router. Anytime we set up a new WiFi connection we write the password down on the bottom.

Find your WiFi router or your modem and WiFi combo and look at the back or bottom of the unit. You will likely see something like the photo below that outlines what your WiFi password is and how to manage the router if you need to change your WiFi password.

How to find your WiFi password.

How to find your WiFi password.

The SSID is the network name, which is what you should see on WiFi on your computer or smartphone. Next to, or below that you should see a Network Key or WiFi Password. If you didn’t change the settings when installing it you should be able to use this information to get online.

Some routers put the WiFi Password on a sticker that comes off when you set it up. You may have placed this in the box if you kept it.

if you successfully found your WiFi password using this step, now is a good time to log in to the Router admin section and change it to something you can easily remember. If you do this you will need to re-connect all of your devices. Be sure to save this or write it down on the bottom of your router. You can look up your WiFi admin password using this handy website.

How to Connect Without Your WiFi Password

If you can’t find your WiFi password using the method above and you need to get someone connected quickly you can still get online. Most new routers include a push button that allows you to connect devices without using the password.

How to connect to WiFi without a password.

How to connect to WiFi without a password.

This will work on Windows and it may work on some Android devices, but WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), that allows you to push a button to get online does not work on the iPhone, iPad or Mac computers.

Find a WPS button on your router. Normally this is on the side or back. Make sure you are not pressing the Power button.

If you see this message you can connect to WiFi without the password.

If you see this message you can connect to WiFi without the password.

Push this button and then on your computer or WiFi devices you will want to push a WPS button or follow the directions. On Windows 10 if you choose to connect to a new WiFi network and then when you see the “You can also connect by pushing the button on the router” message you can push the button. After a minute or so it should connect.

How to Find Your WiFi Password On Windows

With a Windows computer connected to WiFi you can find the WiFi password so that you can give it to someone else. This works on most versions of Windows, up to Windows 10.

Right click the WiFi icon.

Right click the WiFi icon.

  1. Right Click on Wireless in the bottom right.
  2. Click the name of your WiFi network.
  3. Click Wireless Properties.
  4. Click on the Security Tab.
  5. This is where your WiFi password is listed.

This only works for the WiFi network that you are connected to, so you will not be able to find it out if you don’t have at least one of your devices connected to it. Finding WiFi passwords for other networks you’ve connected to is possible, but it is slightly more difficult and not everyone will want to do this.

How to Find Your WiFi Password on Mac

It’s very easy to find your WiFi password on Mac for the network you are connected to, or to a past connection. You will need to know the Mac password to access this information.


  1. Press Command and Space to open Spotlight.
  2. Type keychain access and press enter to open up your local keychain of
  3. Type the name of the WiFi network in the search box.
  4. Highlight the entry and click on the i at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Show password.
  6. Enter the username and password of the admin.
  7. You will now see your password in the window.

This work for the connection you are already connected to as well as previous connections, which is handy if you need to help someone connect at your parent’s house even if you are miles away.

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