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How to Fix Facebook iPhone Battery Life Problems



The Facebook iPhone app is used by millions of users, but what you may not know is that it’s secretly sucking the life out of your battery. Here’s how to fix Facebook iPhone battery life problems.

If you use Facebook a lot on your iPhone, the app is probably eating away your iPhone’s battery life like there’s no tomorrow.

Just take a look at your battery stats by going into Settings > Battery. It’s likely that Facebook will appear at the top of the list, using up a really high percentage of your iPhone’s battery. And most likely, it says “Background activity” in small text below the app name. This means that the app has been using up resources while in the background while you weren’t using it.

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To make matters worse, disabling Background App Refresh and blocking the app from using your location while in the background doesn’t do a dang thing to solve the battery issues.


Facebook says that they’ve found the culprits in the app that have caused this battery drain, with one being a “CPU spin” and another being a bug with audio from videos still remaining open after you close the app.

In any case, if you’re experiencing sudden battery drain while using the Facebook app, here’s how to fix Facebook iPhone battery life problems.

Force-Close the App

Whenever you use the Facebook app and then you exit out of it, it still runs in the background even if you aren’t using it.


By double-clicking the Home button, you can see which apps are still running in the background. Of course, not all apps will be running in the background, as some are designed to suspend when they’re not being used, but Facebook doesn’t do this.

So if you see that Facebook is still in the background, then it’s still using up battery life. This means that it’s a good idea to force-close the Facebook app when you’re done using it.

To do this, simply double-click on the Home button and then swipe up on the Facebook app to close it out completely. After that, the app won’t run in the background at all.

Use Facebook Paper

One Facebook app that you may not know about is Facebook Paper, which seems to be an experiment of sorts from the social network, visualizing what Facebook could look like when designed beautifully.


The nice part about Facebook Paper is that it doesn’t have the iPhone battery life problems like the regular app does. It also doesn’t include any ads, making it a great app to use if you hate seeing ads of any kind.

The app is free to use and it provides a really great user interface for browsing your News Feed, so it’s certainly worth checking out regardless of battery life problems.

Use the Web App

If you’d rather use Facebook’s classic user interface rather than the Paper app, there’s still an alternative to check out.


The mobile web interface of Facebook actually looks very similar to the interface of the Facebook app, and it still has many of the same features.

However, the biggest difference is that it won’t use up nearly as much battery life as the Facebook iPhone app, and this even allows you to delete the app itself, saving up to 200MB of storage on your iPhone. It’s definitely a win-win situation you should try out.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

While not all users can do this, those still running iOS 9.0 can jailbreak their iPhones and install certain jailbreak tweaks that prevent the Facebook iPhone app from running in the background and thus using up your battery life.


Facebook ++ is a great tweak to have, which comes with all sorts of different tweaks that you can use with the Facebook app, but its most important feature is the ability to disable the Facebook app completely when running in the background, which can save on battery life.

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1 Comment

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