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How to Fix iOS 8.4 Beta to iOS 8.4 Upgrade Problems



Apple’s brand new iOS 8.4 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is finally here and it brings some big time upgrades to the company’s mobile operating system. It’s also causing problems for some users including those trying to move from the public iOS 8.4 beta to today’s iOS 8.4 release. Fortunately, there appears to be an easy fix for those trying to make the move.

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed plans to release iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users today at 8AM PST. And right on cue, the company delivered iOS 8.4, its bug fixes and enhancements, and its new Apple Music platform that will compete against Spotify, Pandora, and others.

iOS 8.4 is a big update for iPhone and iPad and it’s not surprising to see many iOS 8 users making the switch in the hours after the update’s release. Included in that group are those who signed up for Apple’s Beta Software Program to test iOS software ahead of its release date.

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iOS 8.4 has been available to Beta Software Program users for a number of weeks now and many of those users are now looking to get off the public iOS 8.4 beta and onto the public iOS 8.4 release that arrived today. While many users have successfully been able to make the switch, others are having problems. This isn’t surprising given how new Apple’s beta program is.

Those trying to make the move from the public iOS 8.4 beta to the public iOS 8.4 release are saying that the update tool is getting stuck on the download process. Some users say that they’ve been waiting for several hours for the issues to resolve themselves. Turns out, you don’t have to wait hours for iOS 8.4 update to get unstuck.

Thanks to a few resourceful iOS 8.4 beta users, we’ve unearthed a quick fix that public iOS 8.4 beta users can use to move the iOS 8.4 installation process forward. This is a fix that you’ll want to keep in mind as Apple releases more public iOS beta updates. The public iOS 9 beta is scheduled to arrive later on this month.

How to Fix iOS 8.4 Beta to iOS 8.4 Install Problems

The fix is simple. First, you’ll want to head into your device’s settings. Next, you’ll want to look in the General Section for your profiles. It should be located on the right towards the bottom of the section.

Once you’re in there, you’ll want to select your iOS Beta Profile. Next, you’ll want to delete that profile from your device. After that, you’ll want to perform a reset. To do that, hold down the power and home buttons at the same time until the phone restarts itself.

ios 9 Beta Download


After that’s done, you’ll want to try and download the iOS 8.4 update again. Several users have said that this process worked for them. After that, you might want to reenroll in the beta program if you’re looking to test out future updates like the iOS 9 release for iPhone and iPad.

To do that, you’ll want to head to Apple’s Beta Program website to get your profile back up and running on your device, with, iOS 8.4 on board.

Again, given the success that iOS 8.4 beta users have had with this quick fix, it’s worth storing in the memory bank if you plan on using future public iOS beta updates.

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