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How to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Headset Connection Problems



This guide will show iPhone users the easiest way to solve most Bluetooth connection issues. Using Bluetooth headsets, speakers and other accessories is great… until they refuse to pair with your iPhone. Bluetooth pairing issues are common occurrences for some stubborn Bluetooth devices.

The easiest way to solve iPhone Bluetooth connection issues to simply delete the old Bluetooth settings and replace them with new ones. Some users find that this method makes it easy to pair devices on an ongoing basis and the connections can be more reliable at greater ranges. While this might not work for every single Bluetooth problem, it’s a good place to start.

How to Fix a Bluetooth Connection.

Tap Settings. If the settings app icon (the one with gears) isn’t visible on your iPhone’s home screen, swipe to the left until you find it on another screen. If you still do’t see it, check any folders where you may have accidentally moved the Settings app into.

Tap Settings


Select Bluetooth, which is the third item down.

Tap Bluetooth


When the Bluetooth device is turned ON and Bluetooth is also enabled on the iPhone they should automatically connect. If the device refuses to connect, try to pair the device with the iPhone again. After several pairing attempts the best solution is to completely delete the Bluetooth device from the iPhone and add it again. To delete the device tap the blue arrow to the right of the Bluetooth device name.

Tap Details


On the next screen, tap Forget this Device. 

Tap Forget Device


Tap Forget this Device for a second time to confirm.

Confirm Forget Device


After the device has been removed, the iPhone will start to search for Bluetooth connections.



After the device is found, tap on the Bluetooth device you wish to pair. Sometimes this is a product’s name. Other times it’s a string of random letters and digits.

Tap Device

The iPhone will begin to pair with the Bluetooth headset, speaker or other accessory. If the pairing is successful the screen should appear like below and say Connected.

Pair Successful

If the above solution doesn’t resolve your iPhone Bluetooth problem, make sure the Bluetooth device is fully charged. Try pairing the headset with another phone to see if it works at all. Some Bluetooth headsets have somewhat complex settings and options that can be changed only by tapping or squeezing parts of the headset that are sometimes unmarked. We recommend carefully reviewing the owner’s manual, which is generally  available and the manufacturer’s Web site.

While troubleshooting Bluetooth devices is a necessary skill for any Bluetooth accessory, buying a quality device can help avoid this hassle. This is not to say that higher quality products are perfect, but it’s best to avoid cheap Bluetooth accessories. Some users complain of poor audio quality, connection issues and durability issues.

For a good quality Bluetooth headset check out the Jabra Motion. And for those looking up Bluetooth speakers take a look at the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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