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How to Follow the NFL Draft on Your Phone



If you’re a passionate NFL fan, then you know the draft will start on Thursday, April 26 and continue through that weekend. You could sit in front of your TV and watch the coverage on ESPN or NFL Network, but you may not have time to do that for the entire draft. That’s where your iPhone or Android smartphone becomes your perfect draft companion.

Let me show you how to follow the NFL draft on your phone or tablet using one of these apps. I’ve included the official NFL Mobile app from Verizon, great if you use the Big Red carrier. For customers of one of the other company’s you’re not left out in the cold. You just won’t have as cool an experience. But you can still follow the draft while it happens and learn more about your team’s newest members.

NFL Mobile from Verizon

NFL Mobile for Verizon

The Verizon NFL Mobile app doesn’t cost a penny and will offer some tantalizing features to NFL fans. Verizon announced that the app will feature coverage during the draft, offer info about prospects before and during the draft and help you find out about your NFL team’s picks or where your favorite college players land in the NFL. NFL Mobile Premium subscribers can watch the live NFL Network coverage on their phone during the draft.

You can do more than just watch. You can learn more about the prospective players with bios, stats and video of their college performances. When each team goes on the clock, virtually check into their “fan war room” to debate the prospective picks, predict who you think your team will choose or trash talk about why they screwed up picking that guy over your choice. If you don’t have time to watch the coverage, set up text alerts for when a team makes a pick.

Go to the Verizon NFL Mobile page to get the free app for Google Play or the iOS App Store. To subscribe to NFL Mobile Premium you will have to pay an extra $10/month to Verizon. That’s the only way you get the NFL Network video feed. Other carrier customers can’t use the app.

Pro Football Weekly Apps

Pro Football Weekly Insider app

Pro Football Weekly started as a blog about the NFL but turned itself into a powerful news site, which NBC recently bought. They offer a pair of apps that will help you follow the draft before, during and afterwards. First, the Pro Football Insider – NFL News app gives general NFL news. This time of year that will focus a lot on the draft. After the draft ends you can check on how things went for your favorite teams or players. It’s free in the Google Pay Store and iOS App Store.

For draft specific news from PFW, get the Pro Football Draft Insider app also free for iOS and Android. The simple app shows articles from the web site focused on draft analysis, videos and twitter feeds. You also get their scouting reports for played based on position.

Sports News Apps

The best sports news apps come from those you’d expect. Here’s a list of apps with links to my favorite sports news apps the twill likely have NFL Draft coverage.

  • ESPN Score Center is free for Android and iOS – general news and sports scores along with live game coverage of most major sports
  • WatchESPN is free for Android and iOS – lets customers of a limited number of cable provides watch the network on their phone
  • CBS Sports Pro Football is free for Android and iOS – live NFL scores, news and control of your fantasy team
  • FOX Sports Mobile is free for Android and iOS – news and info about sports in general but also will cover the NFL drag

Team Apps

Don’t forget to look in your device app store for your favorite team. Nearly every NFL teams has one or more apps devoted just to that team. Official apps come from the team or fan apps come from third parties.

For example, on Android I can get an official app for my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. Fans of the World Champion New York Giants can download one from the iOS app store. I didn’t search for all 32 teams in each store, but I checked for half-dozen or so and I couldn’t find a team that didn’t have a dedicated app.

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