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How to Get and Subscribe to Podcasts in Google Play Music



Last week after a few reports and rumors Google officially announced and launched podcasts for Google Play Music. Now that the app has been updated with podcast support, we’re getting a lot of questions about how to use it and where it is inside the app. Below are instructions to get, use, and subscribe to podcasts on Google Music.

In fact last year we saw support for podcasts but Google had yet to make it official, then in February we heard they would be available in the next few weeks. For whatever reason Google delayed this highly anticipated feature until just recently, and on April 18th podcasts officially arrived.

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Users can now download or update to the latest version of Google Play Music on the Play Store, and get access to all of their favorite podcasts from around the web. That said, we’re getting a lot of complaints that the option isn’t available for some, even after updating to the latest version. With that in mind, below are instructions to get podcasts, use them, and subscribe to casts.

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Podcasts are the latest feature of many to come to Google Play Music, but for now it’s still somewhat limited. Advanced features like adding podcasts to the playback list or queuing episodes is still missing, but we’re expecting Google to add more and more in the coming weeks or months.

For now that, at least we finally have the option. Podcasts have been a missing link to Google Music for a long long time, and now it’s here and ready for prime-time. For more details users can head to the Google help pages, or follow our instructions below.

Users no longer need to use a 3rd party app for podcasts, and go from one app to another to switch from music to episodes and more. Google Play Music does it all, and does it well.


The feature was finally announced and enabled back on April 18th for Android, but some users still aren’t seeing the option. First off owners will want to head to the Google Play Store and check for updates, and install the latest version of Google Music. If it’s not showing up, download and install it by clicking here.

Those who still aren’t seeing the option for podcasts after hitting the 3-lines menu button up top, there’s a little trick to get it to show up. Simply select the three lines near the top left, scroll down to settings, and select “Refresh”. This kicks things into gear on the back-end, and podcasts should now be available in the menu of options.


Once you have the latest version of Google Play Music and have refreshed the app if the option wasn’t available, here’s how to use them.

  1. Tap the 3 lines near the top left, which is the menu button
  2. Scroll down select “Podcasts”
  3. Navigate to the Top Charts, All Categories, or hit Search to find a specific podcast or episode.
  4. Tap which podcast you want, and select “Subscribe” and that’s it.
  5. Check “Auto-download” if you’d like Google Music to automatically download the last three episodes for easy listening.

Now enjoy everything we’ve been missing on Google Music for years. It’s worth nothing that Google’s made everything very easy and simple to use. There are options for notifications, playback order or even hit “You Podcasts” to manage subscriptions or share with friends and much more.

It’s all very straight-forward and easy to use. Android users will be happy with the top charts, search and subscribe options to get the most out of their favorite podcasts on Google Play Music. Stay tuned for more details, and expect more features in another update in the near future.



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