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How to Get iPhone Notifications for Almost Anything



If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for getting notifications, here’s how to receive iPhone notifications for almost anything.

Most — if not all — iPhone apps have the ability to notify you about something. If it’s a sports app, it’ll provide you with scores and news alerts. If it’s banking app, it’ll notify you of payment notifications. However, there’s usually something that you wish you could get notifications for, but no app can do it, or at least you don’t want to install a certain app just to receive certain notifications.

This is where a new app called Hooks comes in handy. It’s simply a notification app, and its one and only feature is to give you notifications on anything you specify, like sports scores, weather, stocks, and even Amber alerts.

Here’s how to use Hooks and how to set up custom notifications without needing to install a whole bunch of other apps to get the same functionality.

iPhone Notifications Overhauled

Hooks is quite a unique app, and it has personally allowed me to delete some other apps that I’ve been using only to receive certain notifications about something specific. I can now delete those apps to free up space, while still receiving the notifications that I need.


Hooks lets you receive notifications for almost anything, like when your favorite TV show has aired a new episode, sports scores for your favorite team (although MLB is sadly left out), and get alerts for when it’s going to rain.

To create an alert, simply open up Hooks and then click on the plus icon in the upper-right corner. A sidebar will appear that will list all of the alerts that you have set up, but since this is your first time using the app, it will most likely be blank. However, don’t worry, because you’ll fill it up soon.

In that section, tap on Add. You’ll see a list of alerts that you can customize and add, but you can also do a search for anything specific that you want. Otherwise, tapping on an alert in the list, will bring up more options for that specific alert. For demonstration purposes, we’ll set up a Rain Alert.


Tapping on that option will bring up more options. I can select a city, set a specific rain intensity, when to receive the alert, and on what days. After you set that all up, click Done in the upper-right corner and the notification will be ready to go. From there, whenever you get rain in the forecast, you’ll receive a notification about it.

That’s all there is to it! Unfortunately, you can’t get notifications for everything. I’m a big baseball fan and was disappointed that baseball isn’t an option for sports-related notifications. However, Hooks still has a ton of alert options that makes it worth having on your iPhone. You may still have to keep some of your other apps, like MLB At Bat if you want to receive baseball notifications, but I can already get rid of ESPN, weather apps, and a few entertainment apps that give me notifications for new TV shows and movies.

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