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How to Get the New iOS 9 Wallpapers



Apple released a new beta for iOS 9, and with it came some new wallpapers. Here’s how to get those new iOS 9 wallpapers right now.

Apple announced and unveiled iOS 9 back in June during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and while the new mobile operating system keeps the same overall look and design as iOS 8, there are a handful of new features that are tacked on.

Siri is both faster and more accurate than ever before, Spotlight Search has gotten some improvements, there’s better privacy settings, more support overall for Apple Pay with credit cards and store loyalty cards, and perhaps the biggest new feature is the addition of transit directions in Apple Maps.

In the end, there are a handful of smaller improvements in iOS 9 that add up to a better experience overall. iOS 9 isn’t a huge overhaul from iOS 8, but it really doesn’t need to be just yet. We’ll leave that to iOS 10.

In any case, though, perhaps the biggest thing in iOS 9 that users can’t keep their eyes off of are the new wallpapers, as they certainly look way better than the iOS 8 wallpapers. However, iOS 9 won’t release to the public until later this fall, but here’s how to get the new iOS 9 wallpapers right now.

How to Get the New iOS 9 Wallpapers Right Now

First off, if you don’t already have the main iOS 9 wallpaper, I’d suggest you check it out.


The wallpaper comes from photographer Chris Burkard, based off of a photo he took called “Rainbow Barrel”. Since the full photo is available, you can use it as your desktop wallpaper if you’d like, just head over to this post for download links.

With the beta 5 update for iOS 9, there are 15 new wallpapers that have been added, with the purpose of showing off the iPhone and iPad’s Retina displays. There’s a lot of variety as well, including cool wallpapers of planets, close-ups of feathers, and nifty explosions of powder.

You can download all 15 wallpapers right here (and it includes the stock iOS 9 wallpaper as well). Most of the wallpapers included come in a resolution of 1242×2208, which is large enough to be used on the iPad as well, with a couple of the new wallpapers having a resolution of 1152×2048, which also large enough for the iPad, but not with the Parallax Effect enabled, since the wallpapers need a bit of wiggle room added for this.


Again, these wallpapers can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Plus, you can even use them as your desktop wallpaper with a little modifying if you’re good with image editing software.

iOS 9 is currently into its fifth beta right now, with a public release expected later this year in the fall. It will most likely land a few days before the iPhone 6s releases, which should be in late September at some point. Specific dates are still up in the air, but Apple has been pretty consistent with its release dates over the last few years, so we shouldn’t expect anything surprising as far as this is concerned.

Some older iOS 9 wallpapers have been removed after the addition of the new iOS 9 wallpapers, including the original ocean wave wallpaper that Apple has used as the stock wallpaper since the announcement of the new mobile operating system.

We’re not quite sure why Apple is doing this, but it may just be an effort to keep iOS 9 fresh for when it publicly releases later this year, or the company might have just thought its original wallpapers for iOS 9 weren’t quite good enough, thus the new incoming wallpapers that we’re seeing.

Whatever the case, the new wallpapers look pretty good, so be sure to download them and check them out for yourself before iOS 9 releases.



  1. Larry

    08/08/2015 at 5:25 pm

    Ugly looks like bird feathers most of them, the rainbow wave is cool

  2. Jayant

    08/22/2015 at 4:47 am

    These new wallpapers are eye catching ….

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