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How to Get Super Mario Run Rally Tickets & What They Are



Revealed earlier this year, Super Mario Run is the latest in what’s turning into a string of high-profile launches on iPhone for Nintendo. Billed as an endless runner, a big portion of the game’s appeal is something called Toad Rally. To play Toad Rally you need Super Mario Run Rally Tickets.

Toad Rally puts you against your friends. You both run through a level trying to accumulate the most points and impress the most Toads with your technique. The player with the most after the end of the level wins. The game mode is different from some multiplayer games in that user don’t need to be playing on the mode at the same time to compete. It’s also different in that you need Rally Tickets to play.


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The good news is that Super Mario Run and the wider Nintendo ecosystem offer up a few different ways to earn the Rally Tickets that are necessary to compete against other players in Toad Rally. Here’s how to earn Super Mario Run Rally Tickets so that you can play against your friends in Toad Rally Multiplayer.

How to Get Toad Rally Tickets: My Nintendo

The most unexpected place that you can earn Rally Tickets is through a new service Nintendo launched earlier this year called My Nintendo.

My Nintendo arrived online earlier this year as sort of glue to hold the different Nintendo experiences together. It’s a hybrid game mechanic and way for the developer to show fans how much they appreciate them. When you play games that support My Nintendo, you earn gold and silver coins that you can spend on in-game items and power-ups. You also get My Nintendo coins for purchasing games directly from Nintendo instead of buying through a retail store like GameStop.


A recent update to the My Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Run Rally Tickets are available there for purchase with Coins. If you haven’t signed up for a My Nintendo account already, you should definitely do so. The coins that you rack up could be useful in games besides Super Mario Run too.

How to Get Toad Rally Tickets: Finishing a World

In Super Mario Run, you’re tasked with making it to the end of different worlds. Some of these worlds have different themes and different mechanics at play. By default the game will send your character running. It’s up to you to use different techniques and power ups to successfully make it to the end of the world. There are six different worlds in the game, with smaller levels tucked into each.


One way Super Mario Run rewards players for finishing each of the game’s worlds is with Toad Rally Tickets. Once you’ve made it through a world’s dangerous successfully, you’ll get the tickets you need to play some rounds of Toad Rush automatically.

How to Get Toad Rally Tickets: Unlocking a Bonus Game

If you’ve played the Super Mario franchise for a while, you know all about the Mushroom Kingdom. A tiny in-game world, moving around the map in Super Mario World took you to new levels. Super Mario Run lets you create your own Mushroom Kingdom. That mechanic provides another way to unlock Toad Rally Tickets.

As you complete more worlds in the game, you add Coins to your stash. Those Coins can be redeemed for cosmetic items that you add to your version of the Mushroom Kingdom. They can also be used to get add-ons for your world that unlock new playable characters and bonus games.


It’s through the bonus games that you can earn more Toad Rally Tickets. Work hard to get more Coins, use those Coins to purchase cool stuff for your kingdom, use the cool stuff to get more Rally Tickets. It’s slightly complicated, but useful.

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Presumably, Nintendo and mobile partner DeNA will add more and more ways to get Toad Rally Tickets as Super Mario Run matures over time. Both seem committed to treating Run as an evolving service that will get new levels and add-ons over time. In that way, Super Mario Run will work in the same way that other mobile games on the iPhone work. One way the game is not similar to those other titles is price.

Super Mario Run is free in the iTunes App Store, but it’ll cost you $9.99 to unlock all of its features.



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